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UNC: Missing Survey Team is an Assignment in Mass Effect. UNC: Missing Survey Team is about a survey team in the Hades Gamma cluster has recently dropped out of contact. Assignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


UNC: Missing Survey Team Walkthrough

Head to Trebin on the galaxy map. Its is located in the Antaeus system of the Hades Gamma cluster and land there.

Once on the Mako, explore the surface to find and disable a transmitter surrounded by crashed communication probes, it is located northwest of the landing position. The device had been emitting signals into geosynchronous orbit, disrupting the survey team's GPS satellites. This caused them to crash. If you travel east from this position, you will eventually find the Survey team's base, completely deserted. You can access one of the computer to obtain a log entry that points towards an excavation site where the team apparently found some kind of alien technology.

You can find the excavation site north of your current position, so head there. You will find a mine, enter it. You will be facing 10 Husks

Be aware of the Husks close range capabilities, and try to keep them as away as possible. Singularity or Throw, are useful to keep them at bay. Once they are down, place your squadmates behind a par of crates on the left side of the main chamber. Wait for your abilities to replenish and head to the tunnels, you will be facing 10 more Husks.

The assignment will be completed once the final Husk is down.

Take your time to loot the mines. You can find three crates in the main chamber. Only one is unlocked, the other 2 require Decryption. There is also a med kit in the main chamber. 

You can hear a news story concerning the fate of the survey team once you are back in the Citadel. Though it states that the team was killed by passing raiders or mercenaries.


How to unlock UNC: Missing Survey Team

You can obtain UNC: Missing Survey Team in three different ways:

  • Hearing a news report in a Citadel elevator
  • You can also obtain it by accessing a terminal on Noveria, located in the hallway, just before the fight with Matriarch Benezia.
  • The third way to obtain this Assignment is to directly land on Trebin, in the Antaeus system of the Hades Cluster. 


Enemies found on UNC: Missing Survey Team


UNC: Missing Survey Team Rewards

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UNC: Missing Survey Team Notes & Tips

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