Manufacturers in Mass Effect produce a wide variety of goods and equipment which are sold across the galaxy. Some make simple items, such as Omni-tools or Medi-gel, whereas others market entire lines of military-grade Weapons, Armor or Bio-Amps.


Every major spaceport is complete with a store or two where you can purchase new weapons, upgrades, licenses, and more to outfit the squad appropriately for its next mission. Make it a habit to visit all the local stores to learn about the latest gear releases from various manufacturers. The inventory of equipment and weapons found in stores is directly linked to your agent’s experience level. Hence, as the agent reaches higher levels, increasingly advanced weaponry and gear become available (refer to the next section on manufacturer licenses).

Manufacturer Licences

Anyone wishing to purchase advanced weaponry and equipment on board the Normandy must first purchase a requisitions license for every specific manufacturer. Some licenses are quite common but some are from highly secretive or hard-to-find manufacturers located across the galaxy. Agents should make the collection of all licenses a high priority so they may equip themselves and their squad with the best gear available. Agents should visit all shops regularly to find and purchase any available manufacturer licenses, which can range from 100 credits for common licenses to 30,000 credits for rare or hard-to-get licenses. The next time you visit the Normandy’s Requisitions Officer, you can purchase items by the new manufacturers from the convenience of your own ship.


All Manufacturers in Mass Effect 





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