Specialization Classes in Mass Effect are specializations of a class. Players can opt for different branching paths and continue to benefit from the features of the initial class, while also gaining unique abilities for their Subclass. Specialized class talents are unlocked once assignment UNC: Rogue VI on Luna has been completed.

There are six specializations, two of which are available based on your initial class choice. Selecting a specialization offers access to a new trait that add ranks 7-12 to your class specific talent; ranks 1-6 are unchanged, and grant the same bonus when you take ranks 7-12. You can only unlock once per character and will then carry over to subsequent playthroughs with that character.

Mass Effect Specialization Classes

Shock Trooper

Shock troppers are highly trained killing machines; they excel in all combat situations.

  • Overall, their increased Health and damage protection can turn them from strong soldiers into formidable tanks. 
  • Improves ImmunityImmunity (or barrier_ability_mass_effect_wiki_guide_60x60pxBarrier)
  • Improves Adrenaline BurstAdrenaline Burst abilities.


Commandos rely on lethal efficiency and precision strikes rather than brutal force to eliminate their opponents.


Operatives are masters at manipulating their environment to maximum advantages. 

  • Overall, operatives have access to significantly reduced times for all tech attacks. 
  • Improves Overload AbilityOverload 
  • Improves SabotageSabotage



Medics combine tech and healing abilities to boost the efficiency of the entire squad.


Bastion use biotics for defense or for opponent immobilization.

  • Reduces Charge time on all biotics.
  • Improves barrier_ability_mass_effect_wiki_guide_60x60pxBarrier
  • Improves stasis_ability_mass_effect_wiki_guide_60x60pxStasis


Nemesis is a biotic specialist who uses mass effect fields to inflict heavy damage against opponents.

  • A nemesis has access to significantly increased duration and damage to all biotic abilities.
  • Improves warp_ability_mass_effect_wiki_guide_60x60pxWarp 
  • Improves lift_ability_mass_effect_wiki_guide_60x60pxLift 


Mass Effect Classes and Specializations


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