Shock Trooper

Class Type Combat Specialist
Biotic Specialist
Abilities Improved Immunity
Adrenaline Burst

Shock Trooper is a Specialization Class in Mass Effect. The Shock Trooper shares traits of a Combat Specialist and a Biotic Specialist, and is only available to the Soldier and Vanguard Classes. Specialization is the only way to achieve the ultimate training for the selected class, enabling it to reach from level 7 to level 12. To unlock a specialization, you have to complete the UNC: Rogue VI Assignment on Luna.


Shock Trooper Description

Shock troppers are highly trained killing machines; they excel in all combat situations. Overall, their increased Health and damage protection can turn them from strong soldiers into formidable tanks. 

  • Improves Immunity (only Soldier class): Reduces the recharge time of Immunity by 25%
  • Improves Barrier (only Vanguard class): Increases strength and duration of barrier by 25% and allows the barrier to regenerate 40 shields per second.
  • Improves Adrenaline Burst: Reduces the recharge time on Adrenaline Burst by 25%


Shock Trooper availability

Shock Trooper is available for the following classes:


Shock Trooper Progression Rewards

Health Bonus
DP Bonus
7 4%  6% Stacks with Soldier/Vanguard bonuses.
8 6%  8% -
9 8%  10% For Soldier improves Immunity

For Vanguard improves Barrier
10 10% 12% -
11 12%  14% -
12 14%  16%  Adrenaline Burst Specialization.


Shock Trooper Notes & Tips

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