New Game Plus for Mass Effect features information regarding what comes next after finishing the game for the first time. Certain items and belongings can be carried over to the New Game Plus.


Mass Effect New Game Plus 

There is no Save after the credits, the game keeps track of you finishing it with that character, next time you choose New Game you will have the extras you unlocked

How to Unlock New Game +

  • In order to unlock New Game + you need to finish the game. This will take you to New Game +.

What changes in New Game +

  • After finishing the game on any of the above difficulties, the Hardcore difficulty will be unlocked. 
  • Insanity is the highest difficulty setting. The only way to unlock the Insanity mode, is if you complete the game on Hardcore mode without changing the difficulty during the game. Playing on Insanity difficulty with a brand new (level 1) character is very tough as enemies can deal a lot of punishment.


What carries over to New Game +

  • When you start a new career, you will see a message that will ask you if you want to create a character or use an existing ID. Just pick one of the character you want to NG+. 

What doesn't carry over to New Game +

  • You can't change Class or the way you spent your points in NG+ (you can re-spec your squadmates though)- You're the exact way you were when you finished the game, except all your Paragon / Renegade points are gone)


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