Classes in Mass Effect are pre-made character roles that are usually equipped with a pre-set of skills or talents. However, these Classes can be changed accordingly by the player as they see fit during Character Creation at the start of the game. This page covers a list of all the classes that are available in the game, as well as relevant information to better understand the basic and advanced mechanics of each class.





What's the Best Class?

How to Pick a class in Mass Effect? Picking the right class for your play style is an important part of Character Creation. Certain Classes may have better affinity to specific Specialization and talents. 

There are six base classes, Soldier, Engineer, Adept, Infiltrator, Sentinel and Vanguard, with variable strength in up to three areas for the player and two squad members. Some classes concentrate all their strength in one skill area; others divide it between two areas to balance tactics. Combat skills deal maximum damage to enemies. Tech skills allow decrypting security systems and weakening enemy weapons. Biotic skills enable brain impulses to manipulate the physical world.

What are Specialization Classes?

Certain talents are inherent to each character class. After completing an optional Systems Alliance Military assignment (UNC: Rogue VI), choose a specialization for your character, increasing the maximum Talent points you can spend on class-specific talents. 

In Mass Effect players can choose between six types of specializations, two of which are available based on your initial class choice. Selecting a specialization offers access to a new trait that add ranks 7-12 to your class specific talent; ranks 1-6 remain unchanged. The Specialization Class you select will remain unchanged for the rest of your playthrough, which includes New Game +, so make sure to think thoroughly before proceeding with your Specialization Class selection.


Mass Effect Classes Guide


Soldiers are combat specialists ideal for the front lines of a firefight. Soldiers get improved health, can train in the use of all Weapon types, start with the ability to use Medium Armor, and can specialize in Heavy Armor. Gameplay focus is on getting into the thick of the fight, picking the right weapon for tactical situations, and outlasting opponents.

Type: Combat Specialist 
Specialization Class: Shock Trooper or Commando.


Engineers are tech specialists. Using the holographic Omni-tool, they can decrypt security systems, repair or modify technical equipment, disrupt enemy weapons or shields, and heal their squad. Engineers can only use Light Armor, and can only receive weapons training with Pistols. Gameplay focus is on shaping the battlefield during combat, healing the party, and debuffing enemies (disabling weapons and lowering shields).

Type: Tech Specialist
Specialization Class: Operative or Medic


Adepts are biotic specialists. Through upgradeable implants they can use biotic powers to lift or throw objects, shield the squad and disable or destroy enemies. Adepts can only use Light Armor, and can only receive weapons training with Pistols.  Gameplay focus is on disabling and debuffing enemies while dealing massive amounts of damage.

Type: Biotic Specialist
Specialization Class: Bastion or Nemesis



Infiltrators combine combat and tech abilities to specialize in killing or disabling enemies at long range. Infiltrators are trained to use Omni-tools, focusing on decryption and offensive abilities rather than healing. They can use pistols or sniper rifles and Medium armor. Gameplay focus is on unlocking alternate routes, gaining access to good equipment, and obtaining an advantageous position over enemies in combat.

Type: Combat/Tech
Specialization Class: Commando or Operative


Sentinels combine biotic and tech abilities. Typically they use biotic abilities and advanced healing skills to defend allies, though they can also disrupt opponents with biotic or tech attacks. They are more efficient at tech and Biotics than other classes, but at the expense of combat. Sentinels can only use Light Armor, and receive no advanced weapon training. Gameplay focus is on protecting the party using kinetic barriers and healing it with advanced medical training.

Type: Biotic/Tech
Specialization Class: Medic or Bastion


Vanguards are biotic warriors. They combine Biotics and Weapons to take down opponents, and are especially deadly at short range. They use Pistols and Shotguns, and can specialize in Medium Armor.  Gameplay focus is on taking down enemies with quick and brutal force. 

Type: Biotic/Combat
Specialization Class: Shock Trooper or Nemesis


Mass Effect Squad Classes

 Your alien squad member's classes are quite similar to their human counterparts but each has their own specific flair, as outlined below. 

Asari Scientist
Asari Scientist

Liara's background allows her to maximize her biotics abilities. This talent reduces recharge time of biotics, and improves both the amount of health restored and the recharge time on Companions healing.

User: Liara T'Soni

Krogan Battlemaster
Krogan Battlemaster

Urdnot Wrex is one the last true krogan battlemaster, as they a dying breed -something for which the rest of the galaxy is grateful. This class improves health regeneration, increases physics resistance, and increases melee damage. 

User: Urdnot Wrex

Quarian Machinist
Quarian Machinist

Though young, Tail is a true genius when it comes to dealing with mechanical or electronic equipment. This skill increases tech resistance and shields. 

User: Tali'Zorah nar Rayya

Turian Agent
Turian Agent

The required military service of his people has given Garrus Vakarian expert training in Assault  and Sniper Rifles. This skill increases accuracy with all Weapons and increases damage with both Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles

User: Garrus Vakarian

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