Class Type Tech Specialist
Combat Specialist
Abilities Improved Immunity

Commando is a Specialization Class in Mass EffectCommando shares traits of Combat Specialist and Tech Specialist and is available to Infiltrator and Soldier Classes. Specialization is the only way to achieve the ultimate training for the selected class, enabling it to reach from level 7 to level 12. To unlock a specialization, you have to complete the UNC: Rogue VI Assignment on Luna.


Commando Description

Commandos rely on lethal efficiency and precision strikes rather than brutal force to eliminate their opponents. Increases damage with all Weapons.


Commando is Availability

Commando is available for the following classes:


Commando Progression Rewards

Weapon Damage Bonus
7 6% Stacks with Infiltrator/Soldier bonuses.
8 9% -
9 12% Improves the recharge time on by 25%
10 15% -
11 18% -
12 21% Reduces the recharge time on and by 25%.


Commando Notes & Tips

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