Enemies in Mass Effect are hostile characters that can be encountered throughout the game. Their objective is to put a stop to Commander Shepard's Crew using different abilities, Weapons and behavior. Enemies have their own strength and weaknesses, allowing the players to select the best tactic to face each foe.

Killing Enemies grants experience points to the crew and also they may drop various useful items during the journey that will help players push the story forward.


Mass Effect Enemies

Enemy Ranks from easiest to most challenging when faced in combat:














Mass Effect Enemies Characteristics 

Advanced Rocket Drone Elite Flanker, Siege, Killer Biotics Combat Hover and Rocket. Third parties have been known to use these as well for military and security needs. Alliance Luna base, Noveria security, etc. 
Alliance Heavy Turret Elite Killer, Tank Biotics, Combat Tech None Attached to the ground, so they are immune to Throw, Lift, and Singularity. These are the two small turrets Fist uses his fight. 
Asari Commando Sub-Boss Killer, Siege Biotics and Tech None Warp, Barrier, Throw, Lift, Marksman. A rogue company of commandos under the command of Matriarch Benezia has broken away and is now actively working with the geth and Sovereign.
Chorban Elite Tank Biotics Combat None. Ambitious and misguided scientist. 
Colonist on Feros Minion None None Combat, Tech and Biotics None Collateral damage. 
Colossus Bosses Tank, Killer, Siege Combat Nove Siege Pulse The heavy vehicle made for entrenched defences.
Dr. Saleon Minion None None   Combat, Tech and Biotics None Criminal scientist, he dies in one shot. 
Fist Sub-Boss Tank, Killer Combat None Marksman, Shield Boost and Immunity. -
Geth Advanced Assault Drones Elite Flanker, Killer Biotics and Combat Tech Hover Basically the same as the Geth Assault Drone, but less shielding and more armor. Advanced versions exist with more armor and shielding. 
Geth Armature Sub-Boss Tank, Siege, Killer Combat None Siege Pulse (powerful AoE). Siege pulse has a large splash-damage effect.
Geth Assault Drone Elite Flanker, Killer Combat, Biotics Tech Hover A roving heavy-weapons platform, the assault drone is often used for protecting facilities and providing covering fire in combat operations.
Geth Ghost Elite Flanker, Killer Tech Biotics Wall Jump, Sniper Beam, Overload Blast, Radar Jamming 5. These are black hoppers, they flank enemies and quickly take them down their Sniper Beam. Overload Blast is an improved version of the Overload Beam, with splash damage. 
Geth Heavy Turret Sub-Boss Tank, Killer Combat, Biotics Tech Disruption Rocket and Scram Rocket Disruption Rocket is short range with heavy splash damage. Scram Rocket is long range with much less splash. Attached to the ground, so they are immune to Throw, Lift, and Singularity. Geth version has more shields, Alliance version has more armor. 
Geth Juggernaut Sub-Boss Killer, Siege Combat, Biotics None Auto Disruption Rocket (semi-automatic missile laucher with no AoE). Discruption Rocket can fire twice between reloads. (It's a distortion Rocket, so short range heavy splash damage).
Geth Rocket Trooper Minion Killer None Biotics Disruption Rocket (strong area-of-effect missile that travels a short distance and does massive damage), Scram Rocket (Fast-moving, low-damage rocket with no AoE). Discruption Rocket is short range with heavy splash damage. Scram Rocket is long range with much less splash. 
Geth Sapper Minion Flanker, Soldier None Biotics Wall Jump, Radiation, Burst, Sabotage Beam, and Radar Jumping 3. Sabotage Beam overheats the weapons of one enemy. Radiation Burst is a gun that does toxic damage.
Geth Sniper Minion  Killer None Biotics Sniper Beam, Radar Jummping 1. When you see the red sniper beam, you have a few seconds to duck behind cover before they fire. 
Geth Stalker Elite Flanker, Spoiler Tech Biotics Wall Jump, Sabotage Beam, Overload Beam, Damping Beam and radar Jummping 7 Sabotage Beam overheats the weapons of an one enemy. Overload Beam damages the shields of one enemy. Damping Beam resets the Tech-Biotics power cooldowns, of an enemy. Stalkers don't have any gun or direct-damage attack, they just disable targets. 
Helena Blake Bosses Siege, Killer Biotic Tech and Combat Throw and Barrier Crime Boss
Jax (Criminal) Sub-Boss Tank, Killer Combat None Krogan Regeneration and Krogan Smash. -
Krogan Battlemaster Sub-Boss Tank, Killer, Siege Combat, Biotics None Barrier, Krogan Regeneration, Carnage, Lift, Warp and Melee Attack. -
Krogan Trooper Elite Tank Combat, Biotics Tech Immunity, Shield Boost, Krogan Regeneration, Melle Attack, Overkill. This enemy often charge into melee range if you wound them or approach them too closely. 
Krogan Warlord Sub-Boss Tank, Killer Combat, Biotics Tech Immunity, Shield Boost, Krogan Regeneration, Carnage, Melee Attack, Overkill. -
Lord Darius Bosses Siege, Tank Tech Biotics Carnage and Health Regen. -
Matriarch Benezia Bosses Killer, Slege, Spoller Biotics and Tech None Warp-Throw, Barrier, Lift, Stasis and Marksman. Instead of Warp and Throw, She has a Warp-Throw ability that does both if it hits the player.
Nodacruz Scientists Minion None None Combat, Tech and Biotics None Exogeni black ops researcher. 
Prime Bosses Tank, Support, Spoiler Combat and Tech None Combat VI, Overloand, Damping, Shield Boost, Geth Barrier and Radar Jamping 9. Combat VI boost the combat abilities for all nearby Geth through their networked intelligence. They'll shoot more often, more accurately, and do more damage.
Rachni Brood Warrior Sub-Boss Tank, Siege, Support Biotics, Tech Combat Melee Attack, acid Spit (ranged attack that lowers your damage resistance), Warp, Stasis and First Aid. This enemy is the male-gendered rachni and is very rarely seen. They have all the abilities of the smaller soldiers, with a few surprising additions that can catch the unwary off-guard. There only fight when a hive is severely pressed. 
Rachni Soldier Elite Tank, Killer Tech, Biotics Combat Melee Attack, Acid Spit (ranged attack that lowers your damage resistance). The rachni soldier is a heavily armored and dangerous opponent able to engage enemies from up close or at a distance. 
Rachni Worker Minion Killer None Combat Explosive Attack (suicide attacks that ignores cover and does Toxic Damage) Living appendages of the rachni soldiers, the workers are often used to weaken enemies before the main attack.
Reaper Husk Minion Siege, Tank Combat Tech, Biotic Tesla Pulse (Ignores target's cover) and Melee Attack. Tesla Pulse ability does extra damage against shields. Husks still count as organic creatures.
Recon Drone Minion Flanker Biotics Tech Hover (used to fly over obstacles and flank opponents). The mass effect field used by drones to hover makes them immune to Throw, Lift and Singularity.
Repair Drone Minion Support, Flanker Biotics Tech Hover, Repair (synthetic allies only). The repair drone has a low powered attack and can repair nearby geth forces.
Rocket Drone Elite Flanker, Killer Combat, Biotics Tech Disruption Rocket and Hover. The roving anti-armor, anti-vehicle heavy-weapons platform with a high-damage rocket attack. 
Saren Bosses Flanker, Tank, Killer, Spoiler Biotics, Combat and Tech None Shield Boost, Disruption Rocket, Sabotage, Damping and Hover -
Shock Trooper Elite Tank, Killer None None Geth Barrier, Carnage, Shield Boost. A tougher, heavier armored geth trooper with the ability to launch Carnage blast. 
The Avatar Bosses Flanker, Tank, Killer and Spoiler Tech, Combat and Biotics Nove Wall Jump, Carnage, Sabotage Beam, Overload Beam, Damping Beam. -
Thorian Creeper Minion Tank, Siege Combat Biotics Vomit Attacks (short-range, extremely toxic cone that lowers target's damage resistance) and Melee Attack Toxic Vomit healing; it doesn't make you more vulnerable to future attacks.
Thresher Maw Bosses  Tank, Killer, Siege Combat, Biotics and tech None Melee Attack, Long Range Acid Spit. The thresher maw consist of a mobile head section that emerges violently from the ground beneath you in random locations. It hides underground until perceives a potential meal, then it springs up to attack in ambush. 
Thugs Minion Tank, Spoilers killers and siegue troops Differs Differs Includes power from all specializations classes They can be from Minion to Sub-Boss category. Pirates employ various species including turians, salarians, Kroganand humans.
Geth Trooper Minion Tank None Biotics, Tech Geth Barrier, Shield Boost. The geht have more shields and less health than equivalent organic soldiers, which makes then very vulnerable to attacks that bypass shields.
Turian Assassins Elite Siege, Flanker Tech Biotics, Combat Carnage and Immunity -
Warren Minion Siege, Killer None None Melee Attack These large, vicious krogan hounds spirnt to attack their prey with powerful jaws and ripping claws. They move and hunt in packs. 



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