Type Organic
Race Human
Locations Citadel
Resistances None
Weaknesses None

Fist is an Enemy in Mass Effect. Fist is the owner of Chora's Den, a gentlemen's club on the CitadelEnemies in Mass Effect have their own behaviors and unique attacks. Killing Enemies grants the player experience points, credits and may yield a random item.


Fist Information

Fist is a famous crime lord, residing on the Citadel. He was a former agent of the Shadow Broker, but changed allegiances to work with Saren Arterius. Commander Shepard hears that Fist came into contact with a Quarian who has evidence of Saren's treachery. 


Fist strategies

  • Fist has Marksman, Shield Boost and Immunity and is also in company of two turrets. 
  • The turrets can shred you almost immediately, specially on Insanity difficulty, so take cover as soon as you can. If you destroy the turrets, the fight is over.


Fist Notes and Tips

  •  Notes and tips go here
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