Biotic Amps in Mass Effect are surgically implant interfaces that allows Biotics individuals to synchronize the Element Zero nodules within their nervous systems, so they can manipulate dark energy fields for practical use. Biotic Amps can also enhance a specific Biotic Talent.


Biotic Amps Attributes:

Biotic Amps can be found from level I through level X. Each level can increase Biotic Amps attributes:


All Biotic Amps in Mass Effect 1

The following table shows only the max stats of each Biotic Amp version. To see the complete evolution of the Biotic Amp, click on the Biotic Amp name.


Duration Bonus

Power Bonus

Cooldown Bonus

Solaris Amp

5 10 20


25 0 40


0 5 30


35 10 30


35 40 40

Unity Amp

15 5 15

HMBA Basic

15 20 23

HMBA Advanced

16 21 28

HMBA Master

17 22 33

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