Grenades in Mass Effect 1 are a ConsumableGrenades can be thrown by hand to deal damage to a group of enemies or inflict high damage on a single target. Players need to previously assign Grenades to their gadget slot in the Inventory to use them. There are a variety of grenades that can affect enemies in different ways and deal different types of damage.



Grenades are a rare and hard asset to collect. Can be extremely powerful and easily turn the tide in battle. When equipped with upgrades, their destructive potential is increased exponentially and adds special effects, such as snap freezing targets in the case of Cryo Upgrades.
After throwing a grenade by pressing "R", the grenade icon in the HUD flashes for a short time; during the flashing period you can manually detonate the grenade with another press of "R", or wait until
the grenade timer detonates it automatically seconds later.

Grenade Capacity Upgrades

Grenade efficiency and damage can be increased through higher levels of Grenade Upgrades and the grenade carry limit can be increased from various Merchants throughout the game, but they are not cheap.

Upgrade Level
Upgrade I  100
Upgrade II 3125
Upgrade III 12500
Upgrade IV 56000
Upgrade V 110000


All Grenade Upgrades in Mass Effect

Grenade Upgrades can be used to improve your Grenades granting different effects like freezing or burning targets within the blast radius. All Grenade Upgrades come in all the 10 levels, except Anti-Thorian Gas that can't be leveled up. A Grenade can only have one type of Grenade Upgrade at a time. Grenade Upgrades can be purchased from Merchants, looted from containers and also can be dropped by killed enemies or bosses.



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