Weapons in Mass Effect are divided into 4 different weapon types and are the main way to inflict damage to Enemies and Bosses. All Weapons have 3 different attributes and level (I through X). Higher levels, imply a more damaging weapon, greater accuracy and longer firing periods before overheating in comparison of lower level Weapons.

Weapon Types

In Mass Effect there are 4 types of Weapons. These types are: Assault RiflesPistols, Shotguns and Sniper Rifles.

Weapon Level

Weapons in Mass Effect can vary between I to X level. The higher the level of the weapon, the better its stats or attributes are compared to the lower leveled ones.

Weapon Attributes

Damage: Damage is the amount of damage inflicted on a target. First on its shields, and then its health (Minus their Damage Protection on a succesful hit).

Shots before Overheat: It is the number of rounds the weapon is able to fire before entering an overheat state in which it becomes disabled for a short period of time.

Accuracy Rating: This attribute controls the size of the aim and time it takes to stabilize after zooming. Crouching doubles the base accuracy of a weapon.



Mass Effect 1 Weapons


Assault Rifles
















Sniper Rifles







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    • Anonymous

      Hey, I noticed that in ME1 LE, all classes of weapons can be further subclassed into a few categories, but nobody talks about that.

      Assault Rifes: full automatic, full automatic wide spread, burt (either/or 3 or 5 not sure), and semi-automatic
      Pistols: light, medium, heavy (deagle style), three shot burst
      Shotguns: pump action (light and heavy), automatic, one-bullet-spread (like the N7 Crusader in ME3 I think)
      Sniper Rifles: light and heavy (maybe medium as well?), semi-automatic, and three shot burst

      Now based on the names, I don´t remeber wich one is wich. I did one LE playthrough as a sentinel so far and iirc the Brawler and the Stiletto were heavy pistols, the Raikou and the Karpov were burst pistols. It´s a shame that fire rate and dps are not shown among the sats in game. Also, the companions don´t seem to utilize these unique features, they seem to shoot with all weapons the same way.

      Are you guys planning to eventually include these things in the wiki?

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