Grenade Upgrades in Mass Effect 1 are one of the upgrade categories of the game and are specifically designed to enhance the effectiveness of your hand Grenades granting different effects like freezing or burning targets within the blast radius. All Grenade Upgrades come in all the 10 levels, except Anti-Thorian Gas.

A Grenade can only have one type of Grenade Upgrade active at a time, while several weapon upgrade mods can be installed to dramatically increase its performance above and beyond stock levels. Grenade Upgrades can be purchased from Merchants, looted from containers and also can be dropped by killed enemies or bosses.

Sophistication Levels

As all Equipment in Mass Effect 1, Grenade Upgrades come in a variety of sophistication levels. Notice that all Grenade Upgrades come in all the 10 levels, except Anti-Thorian Gas that can't be leveling.


Grenade Upgrades can be equipped from the Equipment Menu. While viewing currently installed item, press X to enter the upgrade screen.



All Grenade Upgrades in Mass Effect 1

The following table shows only the max stats of each Grenade Upgrade version. To see the complete evolution of the weapon, click on the Grenade Upgrade name.

Cryo Explosive
Cryo Explosive
-47% Max Accuracy
Fusion Explosive
Fusion Explosive
65% Toxic Damage
High Explosive Rounds
High Explosive
37% Damage Bonus
140cm Radius Bonus
37% Weapons Force
Incendiary Explosive
Incendiary Explosive
Damage/Second For 5 Seconds: 51
Anti-Thorian Gas
Anti-Thorian Gas
Disable subjects infected by the Thorian without killing them.




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