Endings in Mass Effect feature different conclusions to the game, depending on the choices the players have taken during their playthrough. Many of the choices the players make have consequences, that can bear fruit in Mass Effect 2 or Mass Effect 3 if the save data is imported.

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Final Speech 

After whichever of the following endings, Commander Shepard gives a speech and then marches off to find a way to prevent the imminent Reaper invasion. Whoever you choose as humanity representative, gives a speech (Captain Anderson or Ambassador Udina), that differs depending on the alignment (Paragon or Renegade) or if the council is alive or not, about stopping the Reapers. 


Mass Effect Endings

Paragon Ending



  •  Save the council during the final decision of the game.

There is an extended scene where the three Council members thanks Commander Shepard for everything and begin to mourn the one who gave their lives for the cause. They feel they owe the Commander a great debt that they can't repay. The Asari Councilor says that the Alliance has shown that is has the strength and determination to stand alongside as  afull member of the Citadel Council.

The Council states that they will need a list of candidates to fill humanity's seat, and point to Commander Shepard for a recommendation. You have two options. Captain Anderson or Ambassador Udina. If you choose Captain AndersonAmbassador Udina won't be happy about it, and will ask Commander Shepard if he is sure about Captain Anderson. You can reaffirm him, or just change your mind and give the seat to Ambassador Udina. The council will welcome him if you choose Captain Anderson.
If you decide to choose Ambassador Udina, the Council will be hesitant, but giving his political edge, is the obvious choice.
There is a third option, however, in which you state you are not the person qualified to make this choice. Doing so, earns Commander Shepard the approval of both Captain Anderson and Ambassador Udina.


Renegade Ending



  • Don't save the Council during the final decision of the game.

Ambassador Udina summons both Commander Shepard and Captain Anderson, stating that humanity has a great opportunity to usurp the Council. You can talk him down or decide to go along with the plan. Depending on whether your Paragon or Renegade score is higher, Ambassador Udina will either plan to assemble a new entirely human Council (Higher Renegade points), or a new multi-species but human-led Council (Higher Paragon points). You can try to persuade him, to no avail. You are again the decision maker about who should be the new human councilor, between Captain Anderson and Ambassador Udina.
If you pick Captain Anderson, Udina is not enthusiastic about it, but understands since they are going to war.
If you pick Ambassador UdinaCaptain Anderson thinks it is the right choice as he is a politician.

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      I was playing my first time trying to be both Renegade & Paragon. I saved the Counselor and got the renegade background for the ending where they even said they needed they needed the humans and that they had been blind. But yet my service history going into the 2nd game says I followed the paragon path. (I made Udina Counselor.) They even said We were unbreakable or something. Then said they would fallow us. How is this a paragon path? Is it because the Cousel lived?

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