Assignments are the name given to side missions in Mass Effect. Assignments do not advance the story but completing them can help the player understand the inner workings of the Mass Effect's universe, the interactions between Races, etc



Assignments in Mass Effect

Shepard's Background 

These assignments depend on the pre-service history the player chooses while creating the character

Squad Member 

These assignments are related to your Normandy Crewmates.


Citadel Second Visit

These assignments become available after completing one of the three major Missions (Feros, Noveria o rescuing Lara T'Soni)

Citadel Detainee Visit

These assignments are only available during the time you are detained at the Citadel.



These assignments are specific to Noveria

Galaxy Collection

These assignments require you to travel Citadel space and finding hidden collectibles.


Uncharted Space

Assignments from Uncharted Space in the galaxy





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