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Strange Transmission (or UNC: Mayor Kyle) is an Assignment in Mass Effect. Strange Transmission is about investigating Major Kyle and his small but fanatical group of Biotic followers. Assignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


Strange Transmission Walkthrough

First, head to Presrop, the moon of Klendagon. You can find it in the Century System, in the Hawking Eta Cluster.  Once you land on Presrop, head to the two buildings. The underground bunker is inaccessible right now, so head for the other building. You can grab a med kit in a small room on the side.

Attempting to open the door of the building will start a conversation. You can avoid a fight by asking about the man in charge, to do so, you must have a high enough Charm or Intimidate stat, or have the Ruthless Psychological Profile. You have the following three options to avoid the fight:

  • "I served with him at Torfan" you can get in without fighting and you don't earn Morality Points (Requires Ruthless background)
  • "He needs my help" you can get in without fighting and you earn 2 Paragon Points. (Requires Charm level 3)
  • "He'll get you all killed!" you can get in without fighting and you earn 2 Renegade Points. (Requires Intimidate level 5)

The person speaking to you will point you towards the other facility, granting you access to now speak to "Father Kyle". Go to it and head all the way to the back to speak to Major Kyle. You will see a many Biotics in the second building, if you shoot them this will turn everyone hostile and you'll have to fight your way through all of them.

Once you approach Major Kyle he knows why you have gone to Presrop. If your Commander Shepard has the Ruthless background, he recognizes you and calls you "The Butcher of Torfan". You can confirm that the Alliance officers were killed and Kyle states that they spoke "blasphemy" and tried to take him away from his "children".

 You can reach different conclusions depending on how the conversation with Major Kyle unfolds:

  • You require Charm at level 7 to say "You can't help them now". Major Kyle asks for an hour to get ready. If you give him that hour, you leave without fighting and he is picked at the gates of his complex without further incidents. You get 8 Paragon points.
  • "I tried to help you" You get 2 Paragon points, and everyone turns hostile.
  • "You will pay for your crime". Doesn't award you morality points and everyone turns hostile.
  • "Enough crazy talk" Nets you 2 Renegade points, and everyone turns hostile.
  • You require Intimidate at level 10 to say "Surrender or they all die!" Major Kyle asks for an hour to get ready. If you give him that hour, you leave without fighting and he is picked at the gates of his complex without further incidents. You get 9 Renegade points.

 The Assignment ends when you return to the Normandy.


How to unlock Strange Transmission

You can obtain Strange Transmission in four different ways.

  • You can obtain Strange Transmission by hacking the consoles in the diplomat's offices of the Citadel Embassies or also in Executor Pallin's office. The name of the Assignment will remain Strange Transmission.
  • You can also obtain it through a server node on Feros, beside the ExoGeni VI. It will display the same open letter than the previous method, inviting biotics to join a commune.
  • Another server node, this time at the Peak 15 Helium-3 reactor on Noveria. You can find this node on the sector floor of the Reactor Observation Deck.
  • The last way of obtaining Strange Transmission,  is upon arriving at the Century System. Admiral Hackett gets in touch and gives you the briefing about the Assignment. This also happens if you have previously obtained the Assignment from any of the above methods. This updates it as UNC: Major Kyle.

Admiral Hackett tells you about Major Kyle, a former Alliance officer who has become the leader of a biotich commune. He has made himself known as "Father Kyle" now, and has gained a considerable number of followers. The Alliance sent two officers to talk to him about the situation but they have disappeared. So he asks you to intervene in the matter.

If your Commander Shepard has the Ruthless Psychological Profile, Major Kyle was his commanding officer at Torfan. This makes Commander Shepard the obvious choice to speak to Major Kyle.


Enemies found on Strange Transmission


Strange Transmission Rewards

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Strange Transmission Notes & Tips

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