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X57: Bring down the Sky

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X57: Missing Engineers is an Assignment in Mass Effect. X57: Missing Engineers is about Hymes, Mendel, and Montoya, three engineers that have gone missing on the surface of the asteroid and need to be found. Assignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


X57: Missing Engineers Walkthrough

Once you talk to Simon Atwell, at the first fusion torch, you can ask him about the best way to find his missing people. He gives you a map reference for a broken transmitter tower nearby. Head there and once it's fixed, it will automatically updates your map with references to all three surveys


He was assigned to a survey station near to the main facility. You can read the station logs to learn that Montoya armed the defense drones, and decided to investigate the Batarian ships at the main facility. Once you finish reading the logs 2 Defense Drones will attack. Once you deal with them, look around the shack to find footprints leading away, to the east you will find Montoya's body. Examining the body will tell you that he died by a single shot through his helmet, likely from a sniper, You can loot his body


Hymes can be found in the station around the south east corner of the map. The door is completely destroyed and she can be found inside. Her last recording can be found on the station logs, and tells that she tried to hide from the Batarians. They attached an explosive to the door, and she was killed in the blast.


He was assigned to the station closest to the drop zone, you can find his body just outside the shack, with a technician's kit near. By examining his body, you learn that he was badly beaten before receiving a gunshot to the back of the head, suggesting he surrendered to the Batarians but was ruthlessly executed. When you examine the survey stations logs, you learn about another engineer called Slajs, who should be on his way to the station. 

Although Slajs doesn't count as one of the missing Engineers, and is not required to complete the Assignment, you can find it just for the extra loot. Explore the nearby ridge, to find a completely destroyed M29 Grizzly and Slajs beside it. You can find a technician kit near his dead body. Upon examination, you learn he escaped his burning vehicle, only to be shot down. 

Once you are done, you need to report back to Simon Atwell to receive the Experience points reward. He won't be around until you finish the main Assignment X57: Bring down the Sky. You will see that the Assignment change to completed once you find the 3rd engineer, but you don't earn any Experience points until you report back to Simon Atwell 

How to unlock X57: Missing Engineers

You can obtain X57: Missing Engineers in 2 different ways:

  • If you find one of the dead engineers while wandering off on the asteroid, without being given the Assignment will automatically add it your journal
  • You can also earn it by talking to Simon Atwell, at the first fusion torch.


Enemies found on X57: Missing Engineers


X57: Missing Engineers Rewards

  • Experience Points.


X57: Missing Engineers Notes & Tips

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