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Citadel: Old Friends is an Assignment in Mass Effect. Citadel: Old Friends is is related to the Earthborn Pre-Service History, it won't be available if you choose Colonist or Spacer during the Character CreationAssignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


Citadel: Old Friends Walkthrough

  • You will be addressed by a man named Finch, a member of the Tenth Street Reds, a gang on Earth to which Commander Shepard once was part of. He tells you that another member of the band, Curt Weisman, has been arrested by the Turians for a "minor offense".
  • He asks you to talk to the Turian guard in Chora's Den in order to secure his gang member release. Besides that, he threatens to reveal your past as a gang member if you refuse to help him out.
  • After talking with the Turian guard, he reveals that the Tenth Street Reds have become a violent anti-alien group and Weisman in particular, is responsible for a hate crime against the Turians.
  • You can decide to negotiate Weisman's release, inform that Finch is likely to attempt to free his prisoner, or change your mind after hearing about Weisman's actions.
  1. Tipping the guard off will result in +2 Paragon points.
  2. By using the Intimidate option to threaten to kill his subordinates if he does not release the prisoner will net you +9 Renegade points.
  3. By using the Charm option will also result in +9 Renegade points.


  • If you chose not to free Weisman, Finch will appear and declare that he is going to tell the whole galaxy about Commander Shepard's involvement with the Tenth Street Reds, and their anti-alien agenda. You can decide how to deal with him, either convince him to keep his mouth shut or simply decide to shoot him down. Your choice affects how the Turian Guard views the first human Spectre. 
  1. Killing Finch will net you +9 Renegade points and will impress the Turian guard.
  2. Using Charm to tell Finch that Humans need others to strengthen humanity, nets you +8 Paragon points.
  3. Using Intimidate to remind Finch how his Spectre status allows Commander Shepard to legally execute everyone in the bar right now. This option also nets you +9 Renegade points.


How to unlock Citadel: Old Friends

  • To obtain Citadel: Old Friends, the player must complete at least one of the core Missions of the game and is only available if Commander Shepard has the Earthborn Pre-Service History. You will be addressed by a man named Finch as you pass by outside Chora's Den.


Enemies found on Citadel: Old Friends

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Citadel: Old Friends Rewards

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Citadel: Old Friends Notes & Tips

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