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Doctor at Risk (or UNC: Dead Scientists) is an Assignment in Mass Effect. Doctor at Risk is about a mysterious killing spree against Alliance doctors. Assignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


Doctor at Risk Walkthrough

Travel to Ontarom, in the Newton system of the Kepler Verge. Once you land on the planet drive around to find the base.

You will be greeted by 3 Mercenaries and 2 Mercenary Snipers guarding the entrance, once they are down, enter the base.

Move to the first room, grab the med kit and the two crates in the area, and prepare for a fight. On the next room you will find a total of 8 Mercenaries, including 2 Krogan and a Mercenary Sniper. Take them down. There are four crates to loot in the main room. Once you have all four, head to the back of the base.

When you reach the T-junction, head to the right, because the left one is locked.

You will find a soldier, Corporal Toombs, holding a scientist hostage. If your Commander Shepard is a Sole Survivor, he will recognize Toombs, and will be shocked to learn that he is alive. He tells you that his squad fell victim to a Thresher Maw attack, killing every other member in the process. However, he was captured by an organization called Cerberus, and was experimented on. He is the one responsible for the killing spree on Alliance scientists.

If you completed the Assignment UNC: Hades' Dogs, he comments that he managed to escape Cerberus because someone took them down already. If you haven't, he won't explain anything about the escape.

If you have at least 10 points spent in Charm, you can convince him to lower his Weapon and let the Alliance auhorities arrest the scientist. If you have at least 8 points in Intimidate, you can shoot the scientist yourself.
If Corporal Toombs is killed, you will get credits from the scientist as a reward. However, you can still arrest him afterwards.


How to unlock Doctor at Risk

You can obtain Doctor at Risk in two different ways:

  • At the upper level of Port Hanshan Mezzanine on Noveria, there is a small room to the south. You will find three terminals there, accessing the middle terminal grants you this Assignment.
  • Admiral Hackett will give you this Assignment if you go to the Newton System. If your background is Sole Survivor, he will say this might be of personal interest to you.


Enemies found on Doctor at Risk

Doctor at Risk Rewards

  • Credits
  • Experience points. 

Doctor at Risk Notes & Tips

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