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UNC: The Negotiation is an Assignment in Mass Effect. UNC: The Negotiation sends you to negotiate with a man named Darius, about the mining rights on an asteroid. Assignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


UNC: The Negotiation Walkthrough

Once you land on Nonuel, head to the Warlord's base, that is located northeast of your starting position. Be careful while traveling of the lava, if it barely touches the Mako, your vehicle will be destroyed.

When you reach the base, head to the center of the room to begin talking to Lord Darius. He doesn't like the fact that the Alliance decided to send Commander Shepard, rather than a trained negotiator. If your Shepard is female, he is even more insulting. 

If you are looking for a peaceful conclusion to the negotiation, choose only the uppermost replies. You can choose a neutral or Renegade option before he asks you to say "please" (ANY non-Paragon response at this point, will result in a firefight), which will result in him objecting, stating that the Alliance owe him. At this point, you must apologize if you want to continue negotiating peacefully. One more Renegade or Neutral reply will inevitably turn the negotiation into a gunfight.

If you choose the Paragon path, Commander Shepard apologizes on behalf of the Alliance for mining Lord Darius' asteroid and strikes a deal with him. Lord Darius requests to be paid with money, Element Zero and Equipment to produce Red Sand, a powerful stimulant with biotic-enhancing properties. In return for allowing the Alliance miners to work on his asteroid. 
He has one more demand, he asks Commander Shepard to "ask him nicely" to work with the Alliance.

On the other hand, you can choose to fight your way out of this negotiation. Most of the lower dialogue options will break the negotiation and lead to a gunfight. Once you regain control of Commander Shepard, use Overload on Lord Darius, detonating the containers on his balcony and blasting him off and turning him into an easy prey. Then find cover as quickly as possible. Alongside Lord Darius, there are 8 Darius Retainers

Although they are all labeled as Darius Retainers, they come in differnt kinds of Enemies. 2 wield Sniper Rifles and the rest will use Shotguns and Assault Rifles. 3 of them are Krogan, and will try to get as close as possible to overwhelm you.

Once the whole party has been wiped out or you successfully negotiated with Lord Darius, take your time looting the facility. You can find 2 upgrade kits on the shelves on either side of where you conversed with Lord Darius and a malfunctioning object at ground level, in the room off the main hall.

You can also find a Hardened storage locker, a Secure Storage Locker and a Weapon locker. All of them require Decryption, to be opened. Finally, you can find an Aid Station in the upper lever room.

Admiral Hackett will be surprised that you pulled off a negotiation with Lord Darius, stating that he expected Commander Shepard to kill him instead.

You will receive morality points according to how you've dealt with the situation after talking with Admiral Hackett.

  • You earn 8 Paragon points for striking a deal with Lord Darius and completing the Assignment peacefuyll
  • You earn 9 Renegade points for refusing to negotiate with Lord Darius and killing him and his crew.
  • You earn 25 Renegade points for completing the Assignment violently.


How to unlock UNC: The Negotiation

  • To obtain UNC: The Negotiation you have to hit 80% Renegade, or 90% Renegade if you had attained 80% Paragon first. Admiral Hackett will contact you about the Assignment. You have to head to Nonuel, in the Plutus System of the Hades Gamma cluster.


Enemies found on UNC: The Negotiation


UNC: The Negotiation Rewards

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UNC: The Negotiation Notes & Tips

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