Armor in Mass Effect 1 protects characters from all damage that breaks through Kinetic Barriers. Combat hard-suits use a dual-layer system to protect the wearer. Armor can be looted from containers or purchased from Merchants.


Dual-Layer System

Combat hard-suits use a dual-layer system to protect the wearer

The inner layer consists of fabric armor with kinetic padding. Areas that don't need to be flexible, such as the chest or shins, are reinforced with sheet of lightweight ablative ceramic. 

The outer layer consists of automatically-generated kinetic barriers. Objects traveling above a certain speed will trigger the barrier's reflex system and be deflected, provided there is enough energy left in the shield's power cell.

Kinetic Barriers

Kinetic Barriers, commonly called "Shields", provide protection against most mass accelerator Weapons. Whether on a starship or a soldier's suit of armor, the basic principle remains the same.

Kinetic barriers are repulsive mass effect fields projected from tiny emitters. These shields safety deflect small objects traveling at rapid velocities. This affords protection from bullets and other dangerous projectiles, but still allows the user to sit down without knocking away their chair.

The shielding afforded by kinetic barriers does not protect against extremes of temperature, toxins, or radiation.

Races & Types

Each of the four races has their own armor, except for the Asari Race, which wears human armor. Regardless the class it belongs, all Armor grants Damage Protection, Shields and Biotic/Tech Protection. Armor come in three versions:

  • Light Armor grant high Biotic/Tech Protection, but low Damage Protection. Besides, Light Armor have low impact on your weapon accuracy.
  • Medium Armor provide moderate protection, though they can decrease your weapon accuracy. Medium Armor feature a balanced overall protection.
  • Heavy Armor grant high Damage Protection, though provide low Biotic/Tech Protection. Heavy Armor affects your movement, and therefore your weapon accuracy.

Armor Upgrades

Armor can be improved by adding mods from the Equipment menu. Each gear has a specific number of upgrades slots depending on its sophistication level. All Armor Upgrades grant a Primary Base Effect and Bonus, and players can also find Armor Upgrades that grant up to 3 Effects and Bonuses.

Please visit Armor Upgrades for more information



All Armor in Mass Effect 1


Human Armor


Turian Armor


Krogan Armor


Quarian Armor


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