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UNC: Rogue VI is an Assignment in Mass Effect. UNC: Rogue VI is about a Rogue VI that has taken over an Alliance training facility, that can be found on Earth's moon. Assignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


UNC: Rogue VI Walkthrough

Head to Luna, Earth's moon, in the Sol System of the Local Cluster. The training facility you are looking for is southwest of your landing position, go there. You will find three bunkers, each one with two turrets on the rooftop. It's not mandatory to take them down to complete the Assignment, but they grant good Experience points. Once you destroy the turrets, select whatever bunker you like and prepare to start clearing them of Enemies. Speaking of Enemies, it doesn't matter which bunker you choose, as the defenses are dependent on the order in which you enter them, not anything else like geographical location or difficulty level.
The only thing that changes is the location of loot. Each bunker has a secure crate and a secure storage locker, both require Average Decryption, in the first room. However, their exact positions change from bunker to bunker.

Each time you take out a system of VI Conduits, a new defense mechanism is activated.

VI First Bunker

Once you enter the first bunker's main room, you won't be attacked until the drones see you. There are 9 Advanced Assault Drones, so if you get overwhelmed, backpedal to the entry room, most of the time the drones won't follow you there. Once they are all down, shoot the 8 VI Conduits in the back rooms. 

Once you do, the first defense mechanism activates and a toxic gas is released. This gas doesn't seem to do anything besides reducing the healing First Aid grants. 

VI Second Bunker

The drones in the second bunker are harder Enemies than the ones in the first one. This time the hostile team is composed of 7 Advanced Assault Drones and 2 Advanced Rocket Drones, and as the previous bunker, are also located in the main room. If things get ugly, you can use the same strategy as you did before, backpedal to the entry room. Once they are turned to junk, head to the back rooms and eliminate the 8 VI Conduits.

The second defense mechanism are Kinetic Barriers that emerge over each doorway and also over each of the VI Conduits.

VI Third Bunker

The last bunker is also the hardest of them all. Sometimes you don't have the option of saving upon entering the bunker, so if you have the possibility of doing it, it is advised to save your game. If, as mentioned, you are unable to do it, leave the building, save your game and re-enter.

When are ready, enter the main room to fight 5 Advanced Rocket Drones and 4 Advanced Assault Drones. These drones tend to follow you much more often than the ones in the previous bunkers, so keep that in mind. Try to engage them a few at a time to avoid being overwhelmed. Once they have been dealt with, head to the back rooms again and destroy the final 8 VI Conduits.

The third defense mechanism are...more drones! They spawn in the room opposite to the one that contains the first VI Conduit. Usually spawns 1 rocket drone and 2 assault drones. Dispose of them and the Assignment will be completed. You will be presented with a binary message depicting the VI's final moments and you will be rewarded with a Specialization Class.


How to unlock UNC: Rogue VI

  • The UNC: Rogue VI Assignment can be obtained once you reach level 20. You will receive it from Admiral Hackett, when traveling to another system. This will enable access to the Local Cluster and Sol system immediately.


Enemies found on UNC: Rogue VI


UNC: Rogue VI Rewards


UNC: Rogue VI Notes & Tips

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