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A Person of Interest (or UNC: Hostile Takeover) is an Assignment in Mass Effect. A Person of Interest is Helena Blake, wants you to eliminate two of her compatriots . Assignments are secondary quests in Mass Effect, that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs of all kind of Races, granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.


A Person of Interest Walkthrough

Getting Ready

You'll face a mix of mercenaries, including Krogan, so try to bring a varied squad, or you can decide to adjust the team for each planet you visit.
Most of these Enemies can regenerate and use Immunity on higher difficulties, so it may be wise to take on this Assignment once you are reached level 30 or so.

One of the planets you need to visit in this Assignment may require anti-hazard armor if you intend on spending time away from the Mako.

The Assignment

Once approached, Helena Blake tells you her story. She is a high ranking member of a criminal cartel. She asks for your help eliminating two crime bosses and shutting down their operation. They're Red Sand dealers, who trade customers to Batarians as slaves, something that she disapproves.

Accept it or not, it doesn't matter, since Helena Blake will give you the coordinates of the two criminal bosses nonetheless.

They are located in two different planets. You can find the first one on the planet Mavigon of the Han system in the Gemini Sigma Cluster. The second one is on Klensal on the Dis system in the Hades Gamma cluster. Get yourself to Mavigon to wipe the first one of these criminals.


You can find this base on a high cliff in the southeast corner of the map, once you land on the planet. You will find three Alliance Heavy Turrets defending the base. Take them down. Mavigon is a level 2 Cold Hazar planet, so remember to equip properly before exiting the Mako. Once the turrets are gone, enter the base.

Once you enter, grab the medical kit and move to the main room, save your game, because you will have a difficult fight ahead. You will find 5 Mercenaries, 2 Mercenary Snipers and the Crime Boss in the main room. Most of the time, a couple of Krogan are the first one to go towards you, so hold your squad back to deal with them first. As always, keep an eye on the Sniper's red laser sighting beams, as they can one shot you on higher difficulties.

There's plenty of cover so use it wisely. You can also lure a few mercenaries at a time back to the enclosed area, near the entrance of the main room. 

Once you are done with them, you will receive a congratulatory message. Grab a med kit on the pillar and head to the two back rooms. You can find a technician's kit, a malfunctioning object, a secure crate that requires average Decryption and two more med kits on the room on the right. The left room has a wetware kit and a medical station requiring easy Decryption. Head to the Normandy and prepare to venture to Klensal.


This base is located near the center of the map, near a Platinum deposit. On the exterior there are 3 Mercenaries and 3 Mercenary Snipers, two of which are in towers, so prioritize taking them down first. Once they are down, enter the base.

This base has the same amount of mercenaries than the one of Mavigon did. 5 Mercenaries, 2 Mercenary Snipers and a Crime Boss. Take cover near the entrance to avoid being flanked, just be mindful of your right.

Once you are done with the minions, the crime boss can be found behind the large crate near the tunnels at the back. When he falls, go to the last tunnels.

The left tunnel is blocked by a drill, so you can't find anything useful there. On the other hand, you can loot two regular Weapon lockers and a secure one. One requires Basic Decryption and the other one Average level Decryption. You can also find an aid station containing +2 Medi-gel. On your way out, grab the medkit on top of the crate and the upgrade kit behind a stack of crates. Once you have everything, head back to the Normandy.


 Once you are done with both bases, head to the planet Amaranthine, located in the Fortuna system in the Head Horse Nebula to meet Helena Blake once again.

Once you land, head south to find the base in a crater. At the moment you enter the base, Helena Blake will be standing there. She thanks you and assures you that the gang will only work on gambling and smuggling illegal technology. You have a few options now:

  • If you accept her reward, you are escorted out, the door behind gets locked. 
  • If you attempt to arrest her, she won't go down without a fight. So she and her will mercenaries attack you. If you choose this option, Helena Blake will die. 
  • You can use Charm or Intimidate, to convince her to disband the gang permanently. You can loot the base if you manage to convince her to do this. Alternatively, for extra experience points, after managing to convince her about disbanding the gang, you can tell her you will arrest her. Doing so you will get the Morality points, and the experience points for fighting her.


How to unlock A Person of Interest

  • To obtain A Person of Interest, you have to first pass through the Spectre initiation. Then there are two ways to obtain it:
  • You can find Helena Blake near the Emporium in the Financial district of the Presidium. She calls you to talk and gives you the Assignment.
  • It can also be acquired by decrypting a computer inside C-Sec Academy. To be able to do this, you need to have at least Decryption rank 9.


Enemies found on A Person of Interest


A Person of Interest Rewards

  • Experience Points.


A Person of Interest Notes & Tips

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