Sole Survivor

Unique Assignment UNC: Dead Scientists
Morality System Bonus Grants Part Paragon, part Renegade bonus points

Sole Survivor is a Psychological Profile in Mass Effect. Sole Survivor opens up different dialogue options during gameplay and affects the character's morality and grants part Paragon, part Renegade bonus points. Your choice affects dialogue during the story and assignments made available at certain points of your career.


Sole Survivor Information

During your service, a mission you were on went horribly wrong. Trapped in an extreme survival situation, you had to overcome physical torments and psychological stresses that would have broken most people. You survived while all those around you fell, and now you alone are left to tell the tale.

Morality System Bonus:

  • Grants part Paragon, part Renegade bonus points.


Sole Survivor Unique Assignment

Sole Survivors have special dialogue in the UNC: Dead Scientists assignment.


Sole Survivor Notes & Tips

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