Krogan Warlord

Type Organic
Race Krogan
Locations Citadel
Resistances Biotic
Weaknesses Tech

Krogan Warlord is an Enemy in Mass Effect. Krogan Warlord can be often found leading other Krogan to battle. Enemies in Mass Effect have their own behaviors and unique attacks. Killing Enemies grants the player experience points, credits and may yield a random item.


Krogan Warlord Information

Krogan Warlords are tougher than standard Krogan troops, and are often seen leading their own brethren or the Geth. They are highly armored and resistant to damage. 


Krogan Warlord strategies

  • Most Krogan Warlords use Shotguns, but there are others that prefer other Weapon types so be aware of that. 
  • Krogan Warlords, like all Krogan, will regenerate once before dropping for a final time. This won't apply if they are killed in the air.
  • They like to charge more often than their standard counterparts, so be ready to unleash Throw or Lift on them.


Krogan Warlord Notes and Tips

  •  Notes and tips go here
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