Type Enemy
Race Varren
Locations Feros
Resistances None
Weaknesses None

Varren is an Enemy in Mass Effect. Varren short description. Enemies in Mass Effect have their own behaviors and unique attacks. Killing Enemies grants the player experience points, credits and may yield a random item.


Varren Information

Codex Entry

Varren are omnivores with a preference for living prey. Originally native to the Krogan homeworld of Tuchanka, they are, like most life from Tuchanka, savage, clannish, and consummate survivors. They are pack hunters when vulnerable prey is readily available and become scavengers when outnumbered or outclassed.

Their supreme adaptability, vicious demeanor, and rapid breeding cycle have made them ubiquitous and dangerous pests on many worlds. Virtually everywhere the Krogan have been, Varren infestations have followed, wreaking havoc with the native ecology.

The Krogan have had a love-hate relationship with Varren for millennia, alternately fighting them for territory and embracing them as treasured companions. To this day, Krogan raise them as beasts of war. A common subgenus of Varren has metallic silver scales, leading to the rather unusual nickname 'fishdogs'.


Varren strategies

  • Varren are vicious quadrupedal monsters that like to get close and personal. They are fast and will attempt to close the distance with you as soon as they spot you. So, don't stand still and move around!
  • As with any highly mobile enemy, Biotic abilities such as Lift, Throw and Singularity will make aiming easier. 


Varren Notes and Tips

  •  Notes and tips go here
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