Geth Armature

Type Synthetic
Race Geth
Locations Feros, Noveria, Therum, Ilos, VirmireMetgos, Casbin, Xawin
Resistances None
Weaknesses None

Geth Armature is an Enemy in Mass Effect. Geth Armature short description. Enemies in Mass Effect have their own behaviors and unique attacks. Killing Enemies grants the player experience points, credits and may yield a random item.


Geth Armature Information

Codex Entry

Armatures are quadruped all-terrain heavy weapons platforms, akin to the armored fighting vehicles of other races. Geth being synthetic intelligences, armatures are not crewed vehicles, but intelligent entities, capable of independent decision-making and learning.

Armatures are equipped with heavy kinetic barriers. Their main cannon, mounted on the articulated "head" turret, appears to be a highly efficient conventional mass accelerator. It is capable of firing in anti-personnel and anti-tank modes. Some armatures carry drones into battle, presumably for reconnaissance purposes. Others host a swarm of insect-sized repair microbots.


Geth Armature strategies

  • Most of the time, you will find Geth Armatures in areas where the Mako is expected to be driven. Beware of the Siege Pulse, the Geth Armature weaponry, because it can deplete the Mako's shields in an instant
  • If you are facing the Geth Armature on foot, the best tactic is to use Lift, to leave it helpless while on the air, and also for several seconds when it lands. Use it does, abuse Sabotage and Overload.
  • Throw is useless to a Geth Armature unless you have it at Master level.


Geth Armature Notes and Tips

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