Krogan Battlemaster

Type Organic
Race Krogan
Locations Citadel
Resistances Biotic 
Weaknesses None

Krogan Battlemaster is an Enemy in Mass Effect. Krogan Battlemaster are an extremely rare type of Krogan that possess Biotic abilities. Enemies in Mass Effect have their own behaviors and unique attacks. Killing Enemies grants the player experience points, credits and may yield a random item.


Krogan Battlemaster Information

Commander Shepard finds two Krogan Battlemasters during the events of Mass Effect. One near the end of the Mission Find Liara T'Soni and another one on the Citadel in the elevator maintenance shaft. 


Krogan Battlemaster strategies

  • Krogan Battlemaster wears heavy armor, making him extremely durable. In addition to that, he is able to use Immunity and also, his racial regeneration that allows them to recover all his health points once killed.
  • Krogan Battlemasters like to charge at their Enemies to get close and take advantage of their robust physicality. Don't let them, as this can be devastating. Use Biotic to keep them at bay, if not possible, try to hide to break line of sight. This will instantly stop the charge. 
  • If however, you get close enough to a Krogan Battlemaster, try to escape as fast as possible because one melee attack from him will instantly kill you most of the time.
  • Use Incendiary Rounds, Inferno Rounds, Chemical Rounds or Polonium Rounds. to prevent the Krogan Battlemaster from regenerating if you didn't defeat him in mid-air
  • Overload is useful to quickly lower his shields.


Krogan Battlemaster Notes and Tips

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