Matriarch Benezia

Type Organic
Race Asari
Locations Noveria
Resistances Biotic
Weaknesses None

Matriarch Benezia is a Boss in Mass Effect. Matriarch Benezia short description. Bosses in Mass Effect have their own behaviors and unique attacks. Killing Enemies grants the player experience points, credits and may yield a random item.


Matriarch Benezia Information

Matriarch Benezia is an incredibly powerful Asari Biotic, that turned on her people to work alongside Saren. She is the final encounter of the plot world Noveria

She's Liara T'Soni's mother, and if she's in the party while you face her there will be some extra dialogue between them.




How to beat Matriarch Benezia 

Matriarch Benezia Boss Guide:

  • This is arguably the most difficult fight of the whole game, so save before facing her. 
  • Equip Sledgehammer Rounds, Hammerhead Rounds or High Explosive Rounds
  • This battle consist of 3 waves. Matriarch Benezia will be shooting at you with her pistols and using Biotics, while her minions engage you in the catwalk room. You can't damage Matriarch Benezia during this phase, you have to defeat all three waves to progressively weaken her. You can use the bottomless pit at the center of the room to your advantage by using Throw on the Asari Commandos to try to dispatch them.
  • Use Immunity or Barrier as often as possible. 
  • The Asari Commandos are a huge threat, and their Biotic abilities can be incredibly troublesome, usually leaving you at a disadvantage.
  • Set your squad abilities to "Active". This will allow your squadmates to use their abilities without you needing to order them manually.
  • Once the first three waves are defeated, you will have a small conversation with Matriarch Benezia. She tells you that she's still indoctrinated, and won't be able to fight him, but you have to stop the renegade Spectre. After saying this, you will be able to fight her again, entering phase 2.
  • This time you can damage her unlike the first phase. Although she summons reinforcements, you start directly in front of her, kill her and then take care of the other Asari Commandos like you did in the previous waves.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Summoned Asari Commandos and Geth Sniper You can't damage Matriarch Benezia directly, just deal with the Enemies she throws at you.



Matriarch Benezia Notes and Tips

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