Quarian Machinist

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Type Tech
User Tali'Zorah nar Rayya

Quarian Machinist is a Class in Mass Effect. Quarian Machinist increases tech resistance and shields and belongs to Tali'Zorah nar Rayya companion.  Classes are pre-made character roles with their own particularities and pre-set talents. Players can change these values during Character Creation to fit their own playsyle.


Quarian Machinist Information

Though young, Tail is a true genius when it comes to dealing with mechanical or electronic equipment. This skill increases tech resistance and shields.

This type of class can only be used by Tali'Zorah nar Rayya.


Quarian Machinist Class Talent

Each class has its own specific Talents, that can be upgrade until level 6 by spending Talent points.

Talent Lvl
Level 1 Increases tech resistance by 10%. Increases shield capacity by 60.
Level 2 Increases tech resistance by 15%. Increases shield capacity by 90.
Level 3 Increases tech resistance by 20%. Increases shield capacity by 120.
Level 4 Increases tech resistance by 25%. Increases shield capacity by 150.
Level 5 Increases tech resistance by 30%. Increases shield capacity by 180.
Level 6 Increases tech resistance by 35%. Increases shield capacity by 210.


Quarian Machinist Talents

Every class has its own starting talents that can be leveling up by spending Talent Points.

Unlocked by
Pistols Improves accuracy and damage when wielding pistols. Activates the Marksman ability that lets you fire more quickly and accurately for a short time. Starting class Talent
Electronics Increases shield strength and lets you bypass the security systems of some locked objects. It also activates use of Overload, which damages or disables enemy shields in combat. Starting class Talent
Decryption Lets you spend omni-gel to override security systems to open doors or containers. Ultimately, it activates Sabotage, which quickly disables enemy weapons in combat. Starting class Talent
Basic Armor Improves the amount of damage your armor can absorb and increases effectiveness of Light Armor. Activates the Shield Boost ability that restores your shields in combat. Starting class Talent
Shotguns Improves accuracy and damage when wielding shotguns. Activates the Carnage ability that lets you fire a huge blast from your shotgun that damages enemies. Unlocked at Pistols 6
First Aid Increases squad healing by improving the effectiveness of all Medi-Gel use. Unlocked at Basic Armor 5
Damping Increases the explosion radius of your tech mines. It activates the Damping Field, which suppresses enemies’ tech and biotic abilities in combat. Unlocked at Electronics 4
Hacking Increases the recharge speed of your tech proximity mines. Ultimately, it activates AI Hacking abilities, which let you control the AI (artificial intelligence) of robotic enemies, so they attack everyone around them, including each other. Unlocked at Decryption 7




Quarian Machinist Notes & Tips

  • Certain talents are inherent to each particular class.
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here.



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