Adrenaline Burst

Adrenaline Burst Ability
Resets the recharge times on all your talents so they can be used immediately.
Ability Type Combat Abilities
Related Talent Assault Training

Adrenaline Burst is an Ability in Mass Effect. Adrenaline Burst belongs to the Assault Training talent and is available to Soldier, Vanguard Classes. Abilities are special passive or active tactics that players can learn by becoming increasingly more skilled in any given Talent. As you level up, you'll be able to upgrade each Ability up to three times.


Adrenaline Burst Classes

Adrenaline Burst is available for the following classes:




Adrenaline Burst Progression Rewards

3 Lvl Adrenaline Burst Resets the recharge times (120sec) on all your talents so they can be used immediately. Accuracy cost: 30%
8 Lvl Advanced Adrenaline Burst Reduces recharge time by 90sec. Accuracy cost: 30%
12 Lvl Master Adrenaline Burst Maximum reduction to recharge time 45sec. Accuracy cost: 30%


Adrenaline Burst Notes & Tips

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