Haliat Armory

Haliat Armory
Gear Quality Advanced Gear
Unlock Level 18
License Cost 6250
Specialization Weapons

Haliat Armory is a Manufacturer in Mass Effect. Haliat Armory license cost is 6250 and manufactures Weapons. The inventory of equipment and weapons found in stores is directly linked to your agent’s experience level


Haliat Armory Information

One of the smaller Turian weapons manufacturers, Haliat Armory was given permission by the Hierarchy to sell excess units on the galactic market. Rather than trying to compete with high-end manufacturers, Haliat specializes in a line of basic-level weapons.

  • Gear Quality: Advanced Gear
  • Unlock Level: 18
  • License sold by: Ledra at Zhou’s Hope, Feros.
  • License Cost: 6250
  • Specialization: Weapons


Where to buy Haliat Armory License


Manufacturer Equipment Models


Races Outfitted
Sophistication Lvl
Assault Rifle N/A From IV to X
Pistol N/A From IV to X
Shotgun N/A From IV to X
Sniper Rifles N/A From IV to X




Haliat Armory Notes and Tips

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