Serrice Council

Serrice Council
Gear Quality Elite and Prototypes
Unlock Level 36
License Cost 30000 credits
Specialization Armor, Biotic Amps and Omni-Tools

Serrice Council is a Manufacturer in Mass Effect. Serrice Council license cost is 30000 credits and manufactures Armor, Biotic Amps and Omni-Tools. The inventory of equipment and weapons found in stores is directly linked to your agent’s experience level


Serrice Council Information

An asari consortium, the Serrice Council is the creator of the most powerful bio-amp on the market. Not just concerned with profit, they
typically make customers undergo a rigorous screening process before being approved to purchase their product. Serrice Council amps are
incredibly rare—and highly prized—items on the galactic market.

  • Gear Quality: Elite and Prototypes
  • Unlock Level: 36
  • License sold by: Delan at Citadel Financial District Emporium and Commander Rentola (if rescued from Virmire)
  • License Cost: 30000 credits
  • Specialization: Armor, Biotic Amps and Omni-Tools


Where to buy Serrice Council License

  • Can be bought at: Citadel Financial District Emporium (Delan), and Commander Rentola (if rescued from Virmire)


Manufacturer Equipment Models


Races Outfitted
Sophistication Lvl
Armor T From VI to X
Biotictic Amp N/A From VI to X
Deepsnow Tool
Omni-Tool N/A From VI to X



Serrice Council Notes and Tips

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