Sirta Foundation

Sirta Foundation
Gear Quality Entry Level
Unlock Level 1
License Cost 100 credits
Specialization Armor, Biotic Amps and Omni-Tools

Sirta Foundation is a Manufacturer in Mass Effect. Sirta Foundation license cost is 100 credits and manufactures Armor, Biotic Amps and Omni-Tools. The inventory of equipment and weapons found in stores is directly linked to your agent’s experience level


Sirta Foundation Information

A biomedical fi rm, Sirta made its fortune eliminating several genetic diseases endemic to human populations. The foundation is renowned
for its humanitarian efforts, and refuses to produce weapons or similar “offensive” products. They do, however, offer basic protective or utilitarian items ranging from armor to Omni-tools to biotic amps.


Where to buy Sirta Foundation License

  • Can be bought at: Citadel Financial District Emporium (Delan), Rift Station, Noveria (Petozi) and Commander Rentola (if rescued from Virmire)


Manufacturer Equipment Models


Races Outfitted
Sophistication Lvl
Armor H/K/T/Q I to X
Chameleon Tool
Omni-Tool N/A I to X
Unity Amp
Biotic Amp N/A I to X



Sirta Foundation Notes and Tips

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