Aldrin Labs

Aldrin Labs
Gear Quality Entry Level
Unlock Level Lvl 1
License Cost 100 credits
Specialization Armor, Biotic Amps, Omni-tools

Aldrin Labs is a Manufacturer in Mass Effect. Aldrin Labs license cost is 100 credits, and it manufactures Armor, Biotic Amps, Omni-tools. The inventory of equipment and weapons found in stores is directly linked to your agent’s experience level


Aldrin Labs Information

Aldrin Labs is a Human manufacturer based on the Luna colony. Providing basic, reliable equipment at an affordable cost has made them a primary supplier of armor, Omni-Tools and bio-amps to the Systems Alliance Military.


Where to buy Aldrin Labs License


Manufacturer Equipment Models


Races Outfitted
Sophistication Lvl
Onyx Armor H/K/T/Q I to X
Agent Armor T I to X
Solaris Amp Biotic Amp N/A I to X
Bluewire Tool Omni-Tool N/A I to X
Hydra Armor N/A I to X



Aldrin Labs Notes and Tips

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