Master Spectre

Master Spectre
Gear Quality Elite and Prototypes
Unlock Level N/A
License Cost Special
Specialization Armor and Weapons

Master Spectre is a Manufacturer in Mass Effect. Master Spectre license cost is Special and manufactures Armor and Weapons. The inventory of equipment and weapons found in stores is directly linked to your agent’s experience level.


Master Spectre Information

Master Master Spectre gear consists of prototype technology not yet available through other manufacturers.

Once unlocked, Master Spectre gear is available for purchase through C-Sec Requisitions Officer or the Normandy’s Requisitions Officer.

  • Gear Quality: Elite and Prototypes
  • Unlock Level: N/A
  • License sold at: N/A
  • License Cost: Special
  • Specialization: Armor and Weapons


Where to buy Master Spectre License


Manufacturer Equipment Models

Races Outfitted
Sophistication Lvl
Mark HMWP Pistol N/A VII and X
Mark HMWSG Shotgun N/A VII and X
Mark HMWSR Sniper Rifle N/A VII and X
Mark HMWAR Assault Rifle N/A VII and X



Master Spectre Notes and Tips

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