Armax Arsenal

Armax Arsenal
Gear Quality Elite and Prototypes
Unlock Level 36
License Cost 30000 credits
Specialization Armor, Biotic Amps, Weapons

Armax Arsenal is a Manufacturer in Mass Effect. Armax Arsenal license cost is 30000 credits and manufactures Armor, Biotic Amps and Weapons. The inventory of equipment and weapons found in stores is directly linked to your agent’s experience level


Armax Arsenal Information

The main supplier of elite turian military units, Armax Arsenal weapons and armor are high-quality, high-priced, and very difficult to acquire for most non-turians. They also make a basic-grade Omni-tool that is available to the general public.

  • Gear Quality: Elite and Prototypes
  • Unlock Level: 36
  • License sold by: Expat at Upper Market
  • License Cost: 30000 credits
  • Specialization: Armor, Biotic Amps and Weapons


Where to buy Armax Arsenal License

  • Can be bought at: Upper Market (Expat)


Manufacturer Equipment Models


Races Outfitted
Sophistication Lvl
Gemini Amp Biotic Amp N/A I to X
Crossfi re Assault Rifle N/A VII to X
Brawler Pistol N/A VII to X
Avalanche Shotgun N/A VII to X
Punisher Sniper Rifle N/A VII to X
Predator H Armor H VIII and X
Predator L Armor H VIII to X
Predator M Armor H/K/T VII, VIII and X



Armax Arsenal Notes and Tips

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