Devlon Industries

Devlon Industries
Gear Quality Advanced Gear
Unlock Level 18
License Cost 6250 credits
Specialization Armor and Weapons

Devlon Industries is a Manufacturer in Mass Effect. Devlon Industries license cost is 6250 credits and manufactures Armor and Weapons. The inventory of equipment and weapons found in stores is directly linked to your agent’s experience level


Devlon Industries Information

Devlon Industries is best known for producing basic armor models that can withstand a variety of environmental extremes such as cold, heat, or toxic exposure. They also market a complete line of military-grade weapons.

  • Gear Quality: Advanced Gear
  • Unlock Level: 18
  • License sold by: Delan at Citadel Financial District Emporium
  • License Cost: 6250 credits
  • Specialization: Armor and Weapons


Where to buy Devlon Industries License

  • Can be bought at Citadel Financial District Emporium.


Manufacturer Equipment Models

A: Asari
H: Human
K: Krogan
T: Turian
Q: Quarian

Races Outfitted
Sophistication Lvl
Survivor Armor H/K/T/Q I to X
Liberator Armor H/K/T/Q I to X
Explorer Armor H/K/T/Q/A I to X
Thermal Armor T I to X
Raptor Assault Rifle N/A From IV to X
Stinger Pistol N/A From IV to X
Firestorm Shotgun N/A From IV to X
Striker Sniper Rifle N/A From IV to X




Devlon Industries Notes and Tips

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