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Noveria: Matriarch Benezia is a Mission in Mass Effect. Noveria: Matriarch Benezia sees Commander Shepard and crew pursuing Matriarch Benezia. Completing Missions in Mass Effect progresses the story forward.


Noveria: Matriarch Benezia Objectives

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Noveria: Matriarch Benezia Walkthrough

Accesing Port Hanshan's Garage

  • Once you are cleared to enter, you won't be stopped by the ERCS Guard. Before heading to the Mako parked at the garage, it is advised to save before proceeding. In the garage, two Geth Destroyers, Geth Ghost, a Geth Stalker, a Geth Rocket Trooper and a Geth Shock Trooper. will be waiting for you. 
    You can position the squad behind cover and prepare. Once they are down, Maeko Matsuo will enter the garage to question Commander Shepard about the incident. Before heading to the Mako, grab the upgrade kit near the M29 Vehicle.
    Now you are clear to go to the Mako to head to Peak 15

Entering Aleutsk Valley

  • After leaving, a notification will warn you about the extreme weather ahead and advises you to limit the exposure outside the vehicle.
  • Take the path once you exit the garage, until you approach the first tunnel. You will find your first inconvenience here. A Geth Turret, surrounded by Geth Shock Troopers, Geth Rocket Troopers and Geth Troopers. You will find a wrecked Grizzly, with a crate and a medical kit beside it.
  • Halfway through the tunnel, there are four Geth Rocket Troopers. Once you are finished dealing with them. you can grab two upgrade kits on either side of the tunnel. When you head down the tunnel, a short cutscene showing another Geth Armature heading to your position.  It brings along some Geth Rocket Troopers. After bringing all of them down, loot the two crates beside the burning grizzly.
    Keep moving to the next tunnel. Again, it will be defended by more Geth, but it shouldn't pose a problem. You can find a med kit outside the tunnel exit.
  • The only Enemies between you and Peak 15 are three Geth Turrets. One around the corner, the second one about halfway down the path and the last one to the left of the Peak 15 garage door. Dispatch them, and save the game before entering Peak 15

Peak 15

  • Save your game before entering the garage, you will notice that the cold hazard is gone as you enter the first room. Once you trespass the large door, take cover quickly, as you will come under fire by a large group of Enemies. Said group is composed by a Geth Juggernaut, a Geth Destroyer, a Geth Shock Trooper, a Geth Repair Drone and three Krogan, two on the back, and one above, to the left. Make the Geth Repair Drone your priority, as it will  attempt repair the other Geth. The rest of the Geth army will come towards you. As long as you stay in cover, you should be able to take them down. Then head out and head towards the Krogan.
  • Once the room is cleared, the station's VI Mira contacts you via intercom telling you the amount of damage the facility has sustained. Don't leave the room without looting the crate and the upgrade kit on the catwalk. As you enter the security tunnels, your squadmates will comment about the turrets facing the wrong way. You can access the security office near the elevator for an upgrade kit and a locker, then take the elevator all the way up.
  • Save your game, and move on to the door. You will find some Geth Troopers and a Geth Shock Trooper in the cafeteria. Defeat them. After the fight, your squadmates will comment about turning off the heat to kill anything that was released when all the Geth are defeated. It is advised to equip your toxic damage protection and anti-organic ammo now.
  • As you get close to the stairs, a cutscene interrupts you showing you introducing to the Rachni. Move away from the stairs as fast as you can, because several Rachni Workers will com charging down. Rachni Workers explode if they get close enough to you, so try to take them out as far away from you as possible.
  • There are two Rachni Soldiers, beware of their acid spittle which can bypass your shields. These creatures are extremely vulnerable to physics-based attacks, so Biotics are an excellent choice to deal with them. Another Rachni Soldier will appear from a grate at the stop of the stairs when you approach. 
  • Once your encounter with the Rachni is over, head down the corridor. You will find a codex entry and a storage locker in the first room. You will find a med kit on the room, but as you exit another Rachni Soldier will jump on you. Deal with it and take the elevator.

Fixing Peak 15

  • You will emerge near the VI core of the whole station. More Rachni Workers will approach from the other end of the room. Remember to not let them get near you as it can be catastrophic, kill them at a safe distance. Once defeated, you will find what appears to be a backup power system.
  • Get it back up and running and the VI will inform you of several tasks to perform before moving on. These are the following Assignments. Noveria: Reconnect Landlines and Noveria: Reactor Repair. Please refer to their individual pages for more information. Each time you repair something, you will be attacked by a Rachni Soldier, from the far side of the room. 
  • Once both assignments are completed, you are ready to head down the tunnel. You can talk to Mira before proceeding to unlock Noveria: Contamination. Before heading towards the tunnel, go into the nearby office and grab three crates in the room. Access the Mira terminal and you will be presented with three options, which are:
  1. Repair the plastma vents and watch the bugs burn.
  2. Have Mira open the door and fight them.
  3. Bypass the door and then fight them.
  • If you want to get the most experience points, do option 1. Another Rachni Soldier will pop up, so once defeated head to the tunnel. Once you open the door, four Rachni Workers will emerge. As always, kill them before they get to close. Leave the area via tram, heading to Rift Station.

Rift Station

  • As you arrive, you won't find any Enemies. Head around the corner and take the elevator up to reach the Science Station. There you'll find Captain Ventralis and a few guards. You can ask him about what's going on and how bad is the situation. He tells you they are on lockdown and aren't letting anyone breach their security. Once the conversation ends, you get a pass card to the Hot Labs. You can reach the hot labs using the elevator behind you.
  • During the conversation more Rachni appear. Ventralis will help you to take them down. You can leave and let him and his men take care of  the Rachni, but Captain Ventralis will notice this action and will remember it the next time you talk to him.
  • You now have two options:
  1. Follow Ventralis' lead and head to the Hot Labs. 
  2. Explore the main level with him.
  • If you do the second option, you may obtain additional consideration in getting to Matriarch Benezia. The story will unfold differently depending on your choice. If you decide to go to the Hot Labs, please refer to Noveria: The Hot Labs.
  • In the main level, there are several people you can talk to, including Alestia Iallis, Petozi and Dr. Palon. If you need to sell something Petozi, is a merchant. On the right, you can find a door that leads to the barracks, you can crack a storage and a Weapon locker.
  • On the left side, there are three doors. The first leads to the Quarantine and the Barracks, the one leads to the Medical Bay, the third one leads to a sealed-off section. If you go to the Medical Bay, you can get the Noveria: Quarantine Mission from Dr. Zev Cohen. If you wander near the restricted area, you will obtain the Noveria:Rift Station Mission. Please refer to those pages for more information on both Missions.
    DO NOT hack the door, because doing so will result in all the guards turning hostile towards you. 

Captain Ventralis and the Hot Labs

  • If you decided to pursue the lead at the Hot Labs before going to the Secure Lab, once you return to the mess hall, you will learn that Ventralis betrays you reveling that the entire security force is controlled by Matriarch Benezia.
  • This is a difficult fight as Enemies are all shielded and fairly clumped together. Using crowd control talents goes a long way and can help you a lot during the fight.
  • If you mixed the cure on Noveria: Quarantine, you won't be able to return it to Dr. Zev Cohen anymore. 

Matriarch Benezia

  • Before entering the Secure Lab, this is your last chance to backtrack, loot every crate or switch teammates. Save the game once you are ready.
  • Once inside, you will find Matriarch Benezia on an upper platform, you can talk to her. If Liara T'Soni is in your party, they will exchange some words. When you finish talking to her, she will put the whole squad in Stasis while her Asari Commandos position. This is probably one of the most difficult battles in the whole game.
  • This battle consist of 3 waves. Matriarch Benezia will be shooting at you with her pistols and using Biotics, while her minions engage you in the catwalk room.  You can't damage Matriarch Benezia during this phase, you have to defeat all three waves to progressively weaken her. You can use the botomless pit at the center of the room to your advantage by using Throw on the Asari Commandos to try to dispatch them. 


  1. The first wave consists of two Asari Commandos, coming towards you. Don't let them use their Biotics, as soon as possible, disable them. 
  2. The second wave consists of 2 pairs of Asari Commando and Geth Snipers. Consider quipping your most powerful detection upgrade to prevent the snipers' radar jamming.
  3.  The third wave consists of 8 Geth Snipers divided into two groups. If you are quick enough, you may be able to catch a group of 4 Geth Snipers into a single Biotic like Singularity or Lift.
  • Once the third wave is finished, a conversation with Matriarch Benezia will be triggered. She will tell you about the real threat, Sovereign, stating that Saren is just a simple cog in a giant machine. She tells you that Saren sent her to obtain the location of the Mu Relay from the Rachni Queen. You can keep talking to her for a little bit more until the indoctrination overwhelms her and you are attacked by her and 3 Asari Commandos.
  • After defeating the group, you have a final conversation with her. As she dies, the Mission's name changes to Noveria: Death of a Matriarch.

Rachni Queen

Back on the Normandy

  • After boarding the tram you are automatically returned to the Normandy. You can earn Morality points for your conversation options and a few more depending on how your conversation with the Council goes. 


How to unlock Noveria: Matriarch Benezia


Noveria: Matriarch Benezia Rewards

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Enemies found on Noveria: Matriarch Benezia


Noveria: Matriarch Benezia Notes & Tips

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