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Noveria: Geth Interest is a Mission in Mass Effect. Noveria: Geth Interest is the starting Mission of the game. Completing Missions in Mass Effect progresses the story forward.


Noveria: Geth Interest Objectives

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Noveria: Geth Interest Walkthrough

Arrival on Noveria

  • Once you are approaching Noveria, you are not on the scheduled arrival list. Although Joker states that he has a Council Spectre aboard, Noveria's controller clears the party for landing but warns that identity confirmation will be done on arrival. 
  • Once landed, leave the Normandy and head around the hangar. You will meet Captain Maeko Matsuo, Sergeant Kaira Stirling and a Turian. They will block access into Port Hanshan. Maeko Matsuo confiscates your Weapons citing a strict policy against carrying firearms in Port Hanshan. Even if you agree to cooperate, Gianna Parasini interrupts via intercom and tells Matsuo to stand down. She has confirmes Commander Shepard's identity and status as a Spectre, allowing you to enter the port.
  • While passing through some scanners and alarm goes off. Gianna Parasini tells you not to worry since they are only Weapon detectors. She introduces herself as the administrative assistant to Administrator Anoleis, the port's chief. She can offer basic information about the facility, but explains that the chief must approve any request to leave Port Hanshan
    If you ask her about any unusual visitors, she will point out that Matriarch Benezia arrived recently. If Liara T'Soni is in the party, you can have a short conversation with her. After that, head into the elevator to go to the plaza.
  • The Mission get renamed to Noveria: Leave Port Hanshan and you also get a new one called Noveria: Matriarch Benezia.

Port Hanshan

  • Once you leave the elevator, you can access most of the ares of Port Hanshan. There are a few inaccessible places, which are the Synthetic Insights offices, the garage and Anoleis' office.
  • To talk to Administrator Anoleis, request Gianna Parasini to unlock his office for you. The garage is on the far side of the main area, but to access it you will need a garage pass. If you attempt to leave without one, you will be stopped. 
  • Lilihierax, a Turian near the garage entrance, can provide a lot of information about Noveria as well as being able to give you the Noveria: Peak 15 Mission. However, he will not give up his garage pass.
  • You can get the Noveria: Smuggling Assignment from Opold. You will also receive a call from an Asari called Mallene Calis to start the Noveria: Espionage Assignment if you enter the Port Hanshan Mezzanine. You can also hack a terminal on the upper level of the mezzanine, to obtain the UNC: Dead Scientists Assignment

Getting your hands on a Garage Pass


How to unlock Noveria: Geth Interest


Noveria: Geth Interest Rewards

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Enemies found on Noveria: Geth Interest

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Noveria: Geth Interest Notes & Tips

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