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Citadel: Shadow Broker is a Mission in Mass Effect. Citadel: Shadow Broker is the starting Mission of the game. Completing Missions in Mass Effect progress the story forward.


Citadel: Shadow Broker Objectives

  1. ???


Citadel: Shadow Broker Walkthrough

Mission From Anderson

  • If you obtained the Mission from Captain Anderson, head over to the financial district. You can find Barla Von in the bank, located next to the Emporium
  • Interact with Barla Von. He tells you that apparently Saren has betrayed the Shadow Broker, leading to the Shadow Broker being furious by this decision. Saren also made Fist, a former Shadow Broker agent, to change his allegiance to him. This led to the Shadow Broker hiring a Krogan bounty hunter.
  • After this conversation the Mission name changes to Citadel: Wrex. Now head over to the elevator to C-Sec Academy.
  • Once inside the Academy, there will be many C-Sec officers near a Krogan. If you get near you will hear the conversation. The officers detained him because he was accused of making threats and tell him to stop acting that way before leaving.
  • The Krogan switches his attention to Commander Shepard. He introduces himself as Urdnot Wrex, one of the last Krogan Battlemasters. You can decide to accept his petition to join your party or decline it. 
  • If Garrus Vakarian hasn't been recruited yet, Wrex will mention that there is also a Turian going after Fist. If, however, you are doing this after recruiting Garrus, there's no need to speak to Barla Von anymore and you can simply head to C-Sec Academy.


How to unlock Citadel: Shadow Broker

  • You can unlock Citadel: Shadow Broker, after the Citadel Council hearing. If you ask Captain Anderson about other leads in the case against Saren, he suggests visiting Varla Bon, a Shadow Broker agent, who may be in position of helping you.


Citadel: Shadow Broker Rewards

  • N/A


 Enemies found on Citadel: Shadow Broker


Citadel: Shadow Broker Notes & Tips

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