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Prologue: Find the Beacon  is a Mission in Mass Effect. Prologue: Find the Beacon is the starting Mission of the game. Completing  Mission in Mass Effect progress the story forward.


Prologue: Find the Beacon Objectives

  1. Speak to the Captain
  2. Head to the dig site
  3. Continue to dig site
  4. Investigate Research camp.


Prologue: Find the Beacon Walkthrough

On the Normandy

  • After the opening cutscene, you are called to the comm room by Captain Anderson. Once you arrive, you meet Nihlus, the Turian Spectre coming aboard on this Mission
  • Once Captain Anderson joins the conversation, you understand that this is more than a simple shakedown run. He tells you that a science team on Eden Prime, discovered a Prothean Beacon. This beacon needs to be brought to the Citadel for study.
  • It is also revealed that Nihlus' presence is also to evaluate Commander Shepard's performance in order to be elegible to become a Spectre.
  • The conversation is interrupted by a transmission from Eden Prime, showing footage of a firefight taking place and a giant unknown alien spaceship appears before the transmission is abruptly cut.

 Eden Prime

  • You descend to Eden Prime, along with Kaiden Alenko and Jenkins. Nihlus gets out by himself to scout ahead. 
  • Head right by the stretch of grass with the gas bags, you can find a hard to spot crate in the corner that contains an Upgrade and grants you the Upgrades Codex entry.
  • Head back to the left until a cutscene where Commander Shepard and the squad are entering the field is triggered. During the cutscene, Jenkins will be killed by several Geth Recon Drones
  • Once you are in control, take cover and attack the Enemies. Once they are down, investigate Jenkins' body to obtain a few Morality points depending on your answer.
  • After that, keep heading up field and more Geth Recon Drones will come towards you. Dispatch them, keep moving up. Nihlus contacts you about the amount of dead bodies he has found so far. On your left you can find another crate. 
  • Three more Geth Recon Drones will appear. Take them down and continue towards the clearing. Another short cutscene will trigger.

Dig Site

  • During the cutscene, you will see a soldier being pursued by two Geth Recon Drones. She destroys them, but two Geth Troopers spot her. She takes cover and you regain control of Commander Shepard. Although stronger than Geth Recon Drones, both Geth Troopers aren't difficult to defeat. 
  • Once you deal with them, approach the woman to talk to her. She introduces herself as Ashley Williams, Gunnery Chief of the 212. She  tells you the dig site is a bit further up and joins your team.
  • Before advancing, you can loot two crates to the right and a med kit all the way across. On one of the crates you can find a Scorpion Light Armor. The other one contains random loot. Keep moving forward
  • Once you reach a series of rocks, take cover because you will be attacked by more Geth. Take cover to eliminate them. Once they are down, take your time to investigate the dig site. A short cutscene triggers, and Ashley comments on the beacon being moved. Next to one of the pillars there is a crate that contains weapons and the Body Armor Codex entry.
  • Nihlus contacts you again, telling you that there is a change of plans. He will be investigating a spaceport and wait for you there.
  • While nearing to the Research camp, another cutscene will trigger. You will be attacked by three Husks. Don't let them get near to you. A good strategy is to back up while firing. Once defeated, grab the upgrade kit behind the spikes.
  • You can loot two crates inside the first shack and head for the other. The second one, has to be bypassed to enter. Once done, you will find Dr. Warren, the head scientist, and her assistant Manuel. You can talk to them to learn more about the situation on Eden Prime. You can get nine Renegade Points by knocking Manuel out. 
  • Head out and continue forward to trigger another cutscene.


  • During the cutscene you see Nihlus approaching the spaceport. He takes covers and sees another Turian there, Saren Arterius. Nihlus confronts Saren and questions him claiming he wasn't expecting the Geth there, and turns his back. Saren pulls a pistol on Nihlus and tells him he has the situation under control. When the cutscene ends, you hear a gunshot.
  • Round the corner and keep heading down the path. Far away, in the distance, a large ship is taking off. You will arrive at the spaceport. You will find enemy resistance. Husks and Geth Troopers are defending this position. Kaidan's Throw is incredibly helpful to prevent being swarmed by the Husks. 
  • Once defeated, you can find some loot to the left by accessing a malfunctioning object, and can find a crate outside of another shack. Bypass the lock of the shack to meet some farmers.
  • A farmer named Cole and two friends exit the shack, saying they are not armed. You can talk to Cole and ask him questions about the attack on Eden Prime and the gigantic ship you just saw. Before leaving, one of the farmers asks Cole to give you some loot. You learn there was a smuggling ring and the farmers were making a profit by hiding their goods in their sheds.
  • With a sufficiently high Charm or Intimidate skill, you can use a persuasion option to get it. You have another persuasion option to get some more tech. Ashley Williams asks for the name of the contact, but Cole refuses to give it away. Another persuasion option opens to get the name of the contact, Powell
  • Once you are done, head to the shack for a storage locker. To unlock this locker, you need to have spent at least a single point in Electronics.
  • Head up to the platform where you can see a body. Before investigating the body, head to the fire in the corner to obtain an upgrade. Beware! the fire can kill you quickly, but it's possible to obtain the upgrade without dying. There's a med kit on the ground near the steps, you can grab it if you need it.
  • Investigate the body, you learn that it is Nihlus and Ashley Williams notices someone moving behind some crates. You meet a dockworker, his name is Powell. You can question him, as you did with the farmers. If you persuaded Cole to mention Powell, the option to ask about the smuggling ring will be available. He mentions that it doesn't matter anymore. You can press him about it and Ashley Williams will press him for the grenades. This will cause him to hand them over.
  • If you have 3 points in Charm or Intimidate, you can use Paragon or Renegade options to get the High Explosive grenade upgrade from him.
  • In the next area you will find two Geth Troopers around the corner. Once defeated, head down the catwalk and look to the train below. There are some more Geth there, next to an explosive crate. Shoot it to take them out without having to go down. After defeating them, head down the ramps and onto the train.
  • Immediately take cover, you will face some Geth Troopers, Geth Shock Troopers and a powerful Geth Destroyer. Once it spots you, the Geth Destroyer, will start walking towards you. Use Throw to keep a safe distance between it and your squad. Take it down first, and then focus on the rest of the Geth. Once defeated, grab the Medi-gel halfway to the train controls and proceed to activate the train.

Spaceport Second Platform

  •  You are treated to another cutscene where you see Saren giving orders to some Geth to erase their tracks by destroying the whole Eden Prime colony. Saren then stands in front of the beacon and is being lifted into the air. After that, a Geth Shock Trooper is seen setting up a charge to see Shepard's squad arriving by train.
  • Once you regain control, you have 5 minutes to disarm four explosives. The first one is near the train and can be done without having to face any type of opposition. After you disarm the first charge, head up the ramps and you will be greeted by some Geth. Cross the bridge and use the last panel to  position your squad to cover you. Move to the left and disarm the second charge. 
  • Proceed to take out the Geth Troopers, Geth Shock Troopers and Geth Sniper. Be wary of the sniper, one aimed shot can kill you immediately. 
  • Once defeated, explore the first alcove on the left to find the third explosive charge. Disarm it. Head all the way down and disarm the last charge.
  • Head over to the ramps to the last part of the level, you will find a crate just before the catwalk. Grab it and prepare to face the final four Enemies. Two Geth Troopers and two Husks will attack you. Eliminate the Husks first as they will try to rush you.
  • Once all of them are defeated, do not investigate the beacon yet. You can find a crate and a storage locker on the main platform. There is also a wall safe to the left and finally, a technician kit on the right. Now you can investigate the beacon to trigger the final cutscene.
  • Commander Shepard communicates with the Normandy asking for pickup, while Kaidan and Ashley investigate the beacon. The one who is the same gender as Shepard will go talk to the Commander, while the other approaches the beacon. Suddenly the beacon "activates" and pulls whoever is investigating it. Commander Shepard reacts immediately and grabs whoever is near the beacon. This lifts the commander up in the air and a rush of chaotic and disturbing flashes through. The beacon explodes and the commander falls unconsciously.

Back in the Normandy

  • You recover consciousness in the med bay of the Normandy, surrounded by Dr. Chakwas  and the squad member you threw out of the way. The Doctor asks how you feel, and you can learn about what happened while you were out. 
  • Captain Anderson enters the scene and the room is cleared. He speaks about the mission and the involvement of Saren. He tells you to seek Joker to go to the Citadel.
  • You can walk around the Normandy for a while. If you are a male Shepard and wish to pursue a relationship with Ashley, you can apologize to her if you were rude to her on Eden Prime. You can also replenish the medi-gel on the right next to the door of the med bay. You can also head to the cargo hold to sell and buy equipment from the Normandy Requisitions Officer.
  • Once on the bridge, talk to Joker and you get treated to the final cutscene of the mission showing the Citadel.


How to unlock Prologue: Find the Beacon

  • Once the opening cutscene ends, report to the comm room to unlock Prologue: Find the Beacon.


Prologue: Find the Beacon Rewards

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Enemies found on Prologue: Find the Beacon


Prologue: Find the Beacon Notes & Tips

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