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Citadel: Garrus is a Mission in Mass Effect. Citadel: Garrus is the third or fourth Mission of the game, depending on if you tackle this one or Citadel: Shadow Broker first. Completing Missions in Mass Effect progress the story forward.


Citadel: Garrus Objectives

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Citadel: Garrus Walkthrough

There are two ways to enlist Garrus Vakarian to your side, the first one is to ask Harkin about him, and the second one is at the end of Citadel: Wrex if you decided to do that one first. In that case Wrex mentions the Turian's last known location, skipping the whole speaking with Harkin scenario.

Asking for Garrus

  • The first objective is to track down Harkin, who is known to be a regular at Chora's Den. Head down there, off the Lower Markets in the Wards. You can use the Rapid Transit terminal is recommended, as it deposits you almost in front of the bar.
  • As you approach Chora's Den, you will be attacked by two Assassins. Be wary of them trying to flank you, and take cover accordingly. Head into the bar, and go where Harkin is sitting.
  • Harkin loves to chat, and more so if Commander Shepard is female, and eventually he gives up some things about Anderson's past like how he used to be a Spectre and how he butchered his trial mission. If you keep asking Harkin, he will point you directly to Garrus. He heard that Dr. Michel at the Med Clinic has some information on Saren and he went to go see her. 

Med Clinic 

  • Once you enter the Clinic you will find some of Fist's thugs threatening Dr. Michel, while Garrus is hiding nearby, waiting for the perfect opportunity to take them down.
  • The thugs are asking the doctor if she has told Garrus about the Quarian and she says she hasn't. The thugs are alerted of Shepard's squad and that's the cue for Garrus to kill one of them. This starts the fight with the thugs.
  • There are 4 thugs apart from the one Garrus has killed. Take advantage of the cover from the entrance to take out the first thug then move around to take the other ones. You can use Overload on the explosive crater near both of them.
  • Once the fight is over talk to Dr. Michel and Garrus. Eventually, Dr. Michel will tell you about the thugs and that they were sent from Fist. Garrus Vakarian decides to join your team. 

 If you haven't recruited Wrex yet, Garrus tells you about him being hired by the Shadow Broker to take down Fist. The Turian recommends you to seek Wrex's help.

How to unlock Citadel: Garrus


Citadel: Garrus Rewards

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Enemies Found on Citadel: Garrus


Citadel: Garrus Notes & Tips

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