Noveria: Reconnect Landlines


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Noveria: Peak 15

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Noveria: Reactor Repair



Noveria: Reconnect Landlines is a Mission in Mass Effect. Noveria: Reconnect Landlines is one of the two Missions given by Mira V, after completing Noveria: Peak 15. Completing Missions in Mass Effect progresses the story forward.


Noveria: Reconnect Landlines Objectives

  1. ???


Noveria: Reconnect Landlines Walkthrough

  • Take the elevator behind the Mira VI core. It is advised to save your game as soon as you exit, a difficult fight is incoming. Once you emerge at the roof, you will find 5 Rachni Soldiers and more than 10 Rachni Workers. Take them as quickly as you can, especially the workers.
  • Do not charge out, you want to take this slowly. Position your squad and move forward solo. Try to single out the first Rachni and take them out. 
  • You can return to the hallway, allowing you to "pull" the Rachni Workers moving forward. It is important to note that the Rachni DO NOT regenerate their health and won't follow you back into the tunnel.
  • Once all the Rachni are disposed of, reconnect the landlines. Grab the crate near the Mira VI terminal Now,  access the nearby terminal for an update on the Rift Station and Hot Labs. You can also obtain information on what happened before you appeared. Head back down.
  • If you haven't already you have to complete Noveria: Reactor Repair.


How to unlock Noveria: Reconnect Landlines


Noveria: Reconnect Landlines Rewards

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Enemies found on Noveria: Reconnect Landlines


Noveria: Reconnect Landlines Notes & Tips

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