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Ilos: Find the Conduit is a Mission in Mass Effect. Ilos: Find the Conduit is the starting Mission of the game. Completing Missions in Mass Effect progresses the story forward.


Ilos: Find the Conduit Objectives

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Ilos: Find the Conduit Walkthrough

Getting Ready

  • Keep in mind that heading to Ilos locks you out of completing Assignments, access the Galaxy Map, shop or event walk around the Normandy. So BEFORE heading to Ilos, make sure you have completed every other thing you want to accomplish.
  • Another important decision is that you are now choosing the squad for the final time, meaning you are playing the remainder of the game with THIS squad. Keep in mind that Enemies will be mostly Geth and several Krogan
  • This is the endgame, so equip Commander Shepard and your squadmates accordingly, don't hold back.


  • Once the travel to Ilos has begun Kaidan Alenko, Ashley Williams or Liara T'Soni will visit Commander Shepard's chambers if a relationship with them was pursued.
  • As the Normandy approaches the Mu Relay, there will be some concerns about being detected by the few Geth Dropships that are orbiting Ilos. After discussing how to land on the planet. Joker states he can perform the drop. You have to select your squad.


  • You see Saren surrounded by Geth, walking into a large structure on Ilos' surface.  He sees the Normandy and orders the Geth to get inside to seal the doors.
  • Once you regain control, turn around and head to the ruins. You will find some Geth Troopers, dispatch them. Keep moving until you reach an open plaza. There's little cover here, and keep your sides in check as there are plenty of Geth here. From the right there will be Geth Troopers, Geth Shock Troopers and Geth Rocket Troopers incoming. From your left, there are two Geth Armatures. Focus on the soldiers first and then take on the armored tanks. It is important to note that the Armatures won't activate until you are within a certain range, so try to stay well back.
  • Once they are all down, grab the crate near the door and take the staircase to your right. Once you are down, you may encounter a Geth or two. When you reach the Lower Ruins, to your left you will find a large room that has some Geth Hoppers in it. Once defeated, grab the crate in this room and head out along the trench.
  • You will find the Armature Control Station for disabling the Armatures upstairs. If you already killed the Geth Armatures, still hack the console as it awards you some experience points.
  • At the end of the trench, climb the ramps to head deeper into the complex. Grab the crate and eventually you will reach a threshold where you can proceed further or follow the left path. This grants you an excellent sniping point on the Enemies below. Be careful of not going too far or you will end up dropping.

The Ruins' Courtyard

  • As previously mentioned it is better to snipe first to take down the Geth Destroyer and its escorting Geth Shock Troopers before they can overwhelm you. Now you can fight from cover as they come. DO NOT drop on the courtyard yet.
  • There are two more Geth Shock Troopers on an elevated platform. These aren't tough Enemies so the little cover available shouldn't be a problem. Once defeated, head into the courtyard and turn left into an elevator that takes you up to where the Geth Shock Troopers were. DO NOT do this if there are other Geth still in the courtyard. Grab the crate on the platform and then head back down. Now take cover behind the walls of the courtyard that are heading south.
  • You will find four Geth Hoppers. Use  the cover to shoot them. Be patient and take cover to take down these Enemies. Once they are down, loot the crate that is off to the left, head into the elevator and prepare for combat.

Security Station

  • When you reach the bottom, don't rush in and move out slowly. There are four Armature Control panels, if you have sufficient ability you can use them to activate the Geth Armatures. It is a great plan to distract and destroy the Geth, as it also rewards you experience for any Geth the Armatures destroy.
  • Inside the large room there is a Geth Prime, Geth Juggernauts or Geth Destroyers (Depending on the difficult), Geth Troopers, Geth Rocket Troopers and Geth Shock Troopers. Trying to past this force in order to activate the Geth Armatures right away can prove problematic. Once you get a single Armature active, it generates enough distraction for the Geth to allow you to get the second Geth Armature online, and so on.
  • You can find ramps on either side which can get you to an upper platform that gives you a lot of cover. Retreating back down the entry hall towards the elevator is also a good option, as it tends to result in the smaller Geth moving out ahead of the larger ones, making them easier to thin out.
  • Hack the terminals once it's over if you haven't already. Your will find a crate to the right in an alcove. Head to the T-shaped ramp at the back of the room until you reach the security console. Activating it will disable the lock on the archive well, and display a distorted holographic recording. Although concerning, the message can not be discerned by your squadmates. However, Commander Shepard can, and the crew concludes that the Cipher must have transferred knowledge of the Prothean language. Commander Shepard explains that the communication is a warning about the Reapers.
  • Head back down the stairs and take up the other elevators. You can find a crate next to the elevator when you exit at the plaza, and head back to the Mako. Use it to reach the "creepy underground bunker" as one of your squadmates put it.

The Archives

  • Once you reach the archives, keep going because there are no Enemies near, while you drive along, your squadmates will comment about the whole situation, Saren and the Protheans.
  • Halfway through the corridor, you will reach the next ramp down and a little further in, the first sign of resistance appears. Four Geth Rocket Troopers. Take them out, remember that killing Enemies on foot awards you more experience than from the Mako. This fight shouldn't pose a threat, so you can get down the vehicle and destroy them. Once done, keep heading down the ramps. As you reach the next landing, you will see a shimmering at the far end.
  • As you get closer, the Mako becomes trapped by a forcefield that comes up behind it. You can't shoot your way out, so don't waste time doing it. Exit the Mako, and head into the elevator that is along the right wall.

The Watcher

  • Your squadmates will make conversation during the elevator trip, about how someone is working here. Once the elevator stops, walk across the platform and select the hologram, to meet Vigil, a Prothean Virtual Intelligence.
  • It tells you were expected and proceeds to inform you about the warnings from the beacons. It also states that Saren was there before, but he was tainted with Indoctrination, unlike Commander Shepard and crew, so there's still hope.
  • You can ask Vigil a lot of questions and learn about the Protheans and their history. But probably the biggest information it gives you is the revelation that the Citadel is actually an enormous Mass Relay and a trap. When the relay is activated, the Reapers will come through the Dark Space, to destroy all organic civilization in the galaxy, only to disappear again.
  • Vigil will confirm the fears about the Citadel Fleet and the Council, stating that the exact thing happened with the Protheans. It will tell you how the Protheans faced the Reapers and eventually failed to defeat them.
  • Vigil will proceed to explain about how the Conduit is a prototype mass relay that links to the Citadel, bypassing all defenses. The Protheans were close of unlocking the technology when the Reapers invasion came to be. Vigil can tell you about how Ilos survived the Reapers' invasion.
  • Before you leave, Vigil gives you a file that temporarily will give full access to the Citadel and its resources, but to get that access you must find the Master Control Terminal. It also states to follow Saren as he knows where to go. 
    While you are leaving, if  Liara T'Soni is in your party, she will ask to stay because there won't be a chance like this, although she will understand either way. Once you decide to leave, it is advised to save your game.
  • Once this Mission is marked as complete. The Race Against Time: Sovereign entry, will automatically update to Race Against Time: Conduit.


How to unlock Ilos: Find the Conduit


Ilos: Find the Conduit Rewards

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Enemies found on Ilos: Find the Conduit


Ilos: Find the Conduit Notes & Tips

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