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Noveria: Rift Station is a Mission in Mass Effect. Noveria: Rift Station decides the fate of the Rachni and has impact in the Mass Effect's sequels. Completing Missions in Mass Effect progresses the story forward.


Noveria: Rift Station Objectives

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Noveria: Rift Station Walkthrough

Breaking in from the Main Area.

  • You can break through the restricted area at the Rift Station Main Area. You will have some more extra fighting if you decide to enter through this route. Keep in mind that doing so, will make all Rift Station NPCs to react with alarm to your actions, this means you won't be able to trade with Petozi, and you won't be able to acquire nor complete Noveria: Quarantine
  • Hack the door to the Restricted Area, you can find it near the Medical Bay and guarded by two Assault Drones. The drones won't hesitate to attack and will do so immediately. You can return to the room you just left to fight the guards there and, you can also opt to go all the way back to Captain Ventralis and fight him alongside his two henchmen.
  • Enter the door you have just hacked and there will be more guards waiting for you, dispose of them. You will eventually reach Matriarch Benezia's room.

Sneaking in from the Quarantine Lab

  • The second way to do it is through a maintenance back door at the Quarantine Lab. If you approach Dr. Zev Cohen at the Medical Bay and complete Noveria: Quarantine for him, grants you a pass to the back door. This is the more peaceful solution of the two options, although it rewards you fewer credits and less experience points.
  • Head past Han Olar and into the maintenance area. Doing this won't provoke any fights with guards, you will only find a Rachni Soldier. Dispatch it and enter the back door.
  • Grab the crate in the catwalk and bypass the door on your right to obtain an upgrade kit. Once you are done, head back to the door and it is advised to save your game before entering.

The Fate of the Rachni

  • You will find Matriarch Benezia and have to dispose of her, in what is arguably, one of the most difficult fights on the entire game. For more information on the fight check Noveria: Matriarch Benezia
  • After the gruesome fight with Matriarch Benezia, move closer to the Rachni Queen's tank. The Queen will "possess" a dead commando and strike a conversation with you. The dialogue factors in whether you've dealt with Noveria: The Hot Labs or not. You can ask the Queen about her history and plans if you decide to release her.
  • The ultimate choice narrows down to two choices. You decide to activate the acid tanks killing off all the Rachni in the process or you allow the Rachni Queen to live. You are treated to a cutscene showing what you've just decided and the Mission is marked complete on your journal.


How to unlock Noveria: Rift Station

You can unlock Noveria: Rift Station in three ways:


Noveria: Rift Station Rewards

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Enemies found on Noveria: Rift Station


Noveria: Rift Station Notes & Tips

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