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Noveria: Reactor Repair is a Mission in Mass Effect. Noveria: Reactor Repair is one of the two Missions obtained in Noveria, once you completed Noveria: Peak 15. Completing Missions in Mass Effect progresses the story forward.


Noveria: Reactor Repair Objectives

  1. ???


Noveria: Reactor Repair Walkthrough

  • Head to the elevator leading to the reactor. You can find it on the left as you approach from the VI Core.
  • If you already completed the Mission Noveria: Reconnect the Landlines, a Rachni Soldier will emerge from a grate on the left side. Take it down and continue towards the elevator.
  • Once at the main reactor, enter the first room. Your radar will be jammed. Equip Anti-armor rounds and every other piece of equipment that gives you an edge against Geth.
  • Inside the first room you will find a crate and a Mira VI terminal. Once you move forward, you will find the Geth at the reactor. As soon as you are seeing, Geth Destroyers and Geth Stalkers, will come charging at you. Use the previous room as a safe room, the Geth can't open the door so if you are overwhelmed or find the fight to difficult, go there to regroup.

There are three ways to approach this room:

  1. If you go right you will fight a Geth Destroyer and the Geth Stalkers will appear slowly from the other half of the room. Destroy the Geth Destroyer first and then any Geth Stalkers you see, BEFORE leaving this area. Once you do, you will face a Geth Juggernaut on the balcony above you. The good thing about choosing this way, is that you evade two Geth Destroyers and many of the Geth Stalkers, because they like to remain on the other side.
  2. If you go left, you keep the Geth Juggernaut out of the way for a longer time, but it exposes you to a higher number of Geth Destroyers and Geth Stalkers at a closer range.
  3. Heading straight for the button works is the messiest idea. The button is located in the center, and it involves your whole squad running to it, trying to dodge an entire Geth mini-army. Not an ideal plan, but doable. Remember that pressing the button DOES NOT disable the remaining Geth, so you'll still have a fight in your hands after pressing it.
  • If your radar is still jammed or you still see an enemy on your map then you have missed either a Geth Stalker or maybe a Geth Juggernaut that are on the upper level. To access the upper level, go to the right if you are facing the elevator, just before the door. There is a locker in the upper room and a weapon locker, in the same are where the Geth Juggernaut was.
  • When you have defeated all present Enemies, open the He-3 fuel lines. and take the elevator back up to the Mira core.


How to unlock Noveria: Reactor Repair


Noveria: Reactor Repair Rewards

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Enemies Found on Noveria: Reactor Repair



Noveria: Reactor Repair Notes & Tips

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