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Noveria: The Hot Labs is a Mission in Mass Effect. Noveria: The Hot Labs involves starting a purge on the Rachni. Completing Missions in Mass Effect progresses the story forward.


Noveria: The Hot Labs Objectives

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Noveria: The Hot Labs Walkthrough

Getting Ready

  • Captain Ventralis reveals you that Matriarch Benezia can be found in the Hot Labs. He gives you access to them once you've dealt with the Rachni during your conversation.  Once you are inside the Hot Labs, you won't be able to leave unless you activate the purge function.
  • Keep in mind that if you do this Mission before dealing with Matriarch Benezia and go back to the survivors, they will attack you on her orders. On the other hand, if you dealt with her first, then the elevator next to the Hot Labs will be locked.
  • It isn't strictly necessary to complete this Mission, but it will help you learn a lot about the Rachni.

The Hot Labs

  • From the tram station, head into the elevator on the left. You will find the sole occupant of the hot labs. Yaroslev Tartakovsky. Talk to him to learn about the situation in the Hot Labs. He will also give you the complete history of the Rachni Project, and also states that the Rachni in the lab are beyond saving, so you must activate the neutron purge to kill them. If you ask him about Matriarch Benezia, he tells you he hasn't seen her. 
  • At the end of the conversation you can talk him into giving you the purge codes or talk to Mira in the room behind him for a status report. 
  • Ask Yaroslev Tartakovsky about starting the neutron purge, and he will do it. Before finishing it, a Rachni Soldier pierces through his chest killing him. Defeat the Rachni Soldier.
  • After the fight is over, retrieve the code from Yaroslev Tartakovsky's body and head into the next room. It is advised to save your game now, before entering the purge code, because a lot of Rachni will swarm you and attempt to stop you once you do. Activate the purge by giving Mira the code. You have two minutes to get out of the Hot Labs.
  • The main room is filled with Rachni Workers and Rachni Soldiers. You can shoot them up or run through them, your choice. Killing them grants you experience points, and even though it may not seem so, two minutes is more than enough to deal with them. However, if you feel you won't make it in time to kill all the Rachni, you can thin out the herd for a  while and then make a run for the elevator.
    Keep to the walls closely if you are planning to avoid them, because the Rachni are mainly in the middle of the room.
  • You will hear a series of blasts as the elevator rises, and the Mission will be marked as complete.


How to unlock Noveria: The Hot Labs

There are two ways to obtain this Mission

  • You can talk to the VI Mira about the neutron purge in the Hot Labs. 
  • Yaroslev Tartakovsky's death will also cause the Mission to appear in the journal.


Enemies found on Noveria: The Hot Labs


Noveria: The Hot Labs Rewards

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Noveria: The Hot Labs Notes & Tips

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