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Feros: Geth Attack is a Mission in Mass Effect. Feros: Geth Attack is the starting Mission of the game. Completing Missions in Mass Effect progresses the story forward.


Feros: Geth Attack Objectives

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Feros: Geth Attack Walkthrough

Getting Ready

  • Most of the adversaries you will be facing on Feros are Geth and Krogan.
  • Try to upgrade your grenade capacity before traveling to Feros, and try to not use them early in the mission.
  • Be mindful that during a  section of this mission, you will be cut off from the Normandy, leaving you stucked with your current party and preventing you from flying elsewhere or doing whatever you need on the ship. This section lasts until the next mission, Feros: The Thorian, so try to plan accordingly.


  • After leaving the Normandy, head down the platform to meet David Al Talaqani. He welcomes the Normandy crew and points you to search for their leader, Fai Dan, who wants to speak with you. Shortly after telling you this, some Geth appear and shoot him in the back.
  • Destroy the Geth Trooper and then move up and put your squadmates in the little cover available. You will be attacked by Geth Rocket Troopers, Geth Shock Troopers and Geth Troopers that will attempt to put a step to your efforts.
  • Once they are defeated, take the stairs up. A short cutscene is triggered showing some Geth Hoppers jumping around and the Squad moving into the stairwell. Once you are in control again, take the stairs up and face the Hoppers. These Hoppers are fast and agile creatures, hard to track and take down. Biotics are extremely useful in this fight. Once clear, head up to the colony.

Zhu's Hope

  • Once at the top, you will find two people arguing about who is going to go look for Geth. Keep going past them into the structure ahead, until you emerge on the other side. There you will meet Fai Dan and Arcelia Silva Martinez. Fai Dan will thank you for your arrival on Feros, on the other hand, Arcelia isn't as thankful as her leader. More Geth arrive, and Arcelia points you towards the tower.
  • Once in control, take care of the Geth small army that is assaulting you. Geth Troopers, Geth Shock Troopers, Geth Rocket Troopers and Geth Geth Snipers. Once the small army is gone, head up the stairs. You may encounter Geth Hoppers if your level is high enough. If not, just simply keep going up.
  • At the top, you will hear a colonist being chased by Geth. The colonist's death is unavoidable but you can take down the Geth that killed him. After this fight, head through the door. Turn left to keep going and reach the tower.
  • Head to the upper level of the tower, and use the cover to take down the Geth in the room. Stay in cover and tale out the Geth Recon Drones and soon after a dropship will drop more troops more you to face. These include Geth Troopers, Geth Shock Troopers, a Geth Rocket Trooper, two Geth Destroyers and a Geth Juggernaut. As always, try to stay in cover and try to destroy them at a distance, especially the Geth Destroyers.
  • After the fight a short cutscene will show you how the dropship is leaving. One of your squadmates will suggest you to return to Fai Dan, to tell him of the success clearing the tower. Before doing so, reach the end of the tower, on the other side of the entrance to pick up an upgrade kit. Head back to Fai Dan.
  • Once you report to him, Fai Dan will thank you but the Geth problem is far from over. Apparently there are still Geth threatening the Colony from below, in the tunnels (Feros: Geth in the Tunnels Assignment). You ask him about what more is needed to help the colony and he will point you out who to seek.
  • For the water problem, seek Macha Doyle to obtain Feros: Water Restoration Assignment. For the food problem, look out for Davin Reynolds for the Feros: Varren Meat Assignment, and the power problem Feros: Power Cells can be obtained from May O'Connell. For information on any of these Assignments please check their individual pages.
  • You don't have to do these Assignments if you don't want to, but keep in mind that completing them will have an impact on the fate of the colony. 
  • Before leaving, peek at the Public Extranet Terminal, inside the ship to obtain a codex entry. You can also hack one of the terminals located on one of the pods of the freighter to obtain the Investigate Shipments Assignment, if you haven't received it already from Admiral Hackett.
  • Now take the previously inaccessible door past the stairs Fai Dan and to the right. You will find an elevator, if you want to do the Assignments ignore the elevator, if you don't take it.
  • Take the elevator to the top and you will find some colonists fighting a Geth Drone. Assist them in their fight and then enter the Mako. For the door to open you must be inside the Mako, after a short cutscene where you see a dropship deploying two Geth Armatures, you will have to fight them.
  • On your way to ExoGeni Headquarters, you will encounter a large number and variety of Geth. Try to avoid falling off the skyway, because it will kill you immediately. You will receive a transmission, but you are unable to pinpoint the source. Keep moving forward until a dropship, once again, drops off two more Geth Armatures. Dispatch them. Once at the top you get another radio transmission, but again it is impossible to track it.
  • As you keep moving along the skyway, you will encounter more groups of Geth. Once done, enter the Mako and head through the door. You'll start to hear a transmission, but this time you can hear someone saying they can hear a vehicle approaching. When you reach the end, you can find a group of refugees. Ethan Jeond and Juliana Baynham recieve you. Juliana tells you what happened during the attack and also about her missing daughter, who may still be alive inside the ExoGeni headquarters.
  • Talk to Gavin Hossle, to accept the Feros: Data Recovery Assignment. Leave and head back to the Mako. Drive around the station and exit the station. 
  • You will find more Geth waiting for you outside. On your right you should see another opening under the skyway. Take it to face four Geth Troopers and once you defeat them get closer to ExoGeni's garage to face another large round of Geth troops. Dispatch them and enter the garage.

ExoGeni Headquarters

  • As soon as you enter, your radar gets jammed, unless you have the Detection upgrades. Take down the Geth there and take the ramp in the blasted surroundings. You will find a weakly secured door, and an energy barrier that you won't be able to penetrate.
  • Enter through the weakly secured door to find a deactivated Geth Armature. Once you loot the malfunctioning object in the room, the Armature awakens and turns hostile. Facing it or not, is optional.
  • To get around the barrier and get inside ExoGeni HQ you have to take a one-way drop. If you plan on doing the previous Assignments,  changing the team composition, going to other world or any other thing you plan on doing, DO IT NOW, once you go through there, you won't be able to and your choices will be locked for the rest of the Feros arc.
  • If you press forward you emerge into a giant cavern. A cutscene plays and you see someone performing a shot, that luckily it is deflected by Commander Shepard's shield. Lizbeth Baynham approaches Commander Shepard and apologizes for the reaction. You can ask her about the Geth invasion on Feros, and she replies that they are probably there for Thorian. After talking to her, she gives you her ID badge and she'll go into hiding. 
  • After the conversation, 10 Varren will attack you. It can get messy because they like to attack all at once and there is no cover here. 
  • Once they are down, head to the door across the room that leads you to the facility.
  • While you start to climb the stairs you will hear a Krogan Commander yelling at a machine. When you get up far enough, a cutscene will play showing an ExoGeni VI and the Krogan Commander will spot you.
  • Prepare to fight him, the Krogan Commander carries a Shotgun and likes to go after Commander Shepard. So try to keep your distance to reduce his effectiveness. 
  • When the Krogan finally falls, talk to Exogeni VI and it will welcome you as Lizbeth Baynham. because you are carrying her ID badge. The VI tells Commander Shepard that Lizbeth knows more than she lets on. The colony was taken over by a creature called the Thorian, and they were studying the results.
  • Get out of ExoGeni HQ and return to the colony. 

How to unlock Feros: Geth Attack

  • Feros: Geth Attack can be acquired after Commander Shepard is given the Spectre status and reports to Dock 422. 


Feros: Geth Attack Rewards

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Enemies found on Feros: Geth Attack


Feros: Geth Attack Notes & Tips

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