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Noveria: Quarantine is a Mission in Mass Effect. Noveria: Quarantine involves creating a cure for Dr. Zev Cohen. Completing Missions in Mass Effect progresses the story forward.


Noveria: Quarantine Objectives

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Noveria: Quarantine Walkthrough

  • Captain Ventralis has sealed off a lab where they were researching a bio-weapon. Dr. Zev Cohen needs the cure they were researching to heal the other scientists.
  • Go back to Captain Ventralis and if you manage to persuade him he will give you access to the lab, head towards Quarantine and Barracks to get access to it. On the lower level, you see the Volus Han Olar. Talk to him and he will give you information on what happened at the station and the Rachni. Before heading into the lab, loot the storage locker next to the table. Talk to the guard and head inside the lab. 
  • You will find what you need to make the cure, at the other side of the cure. Before preparing the cure, head into the second door on the right to grab the med kit.  On the third room has a secure storage locker, and there is a locked crate next to the table. You can acquired the Thresher Maws yet it's just by the equipment near the terminal, labeled Xenobiological Database.
  • First access the research notes to figure how to make the cure and then use the next station to create the cure. To do so, you have to push the chance vial button each time the progress bar reaches proper concentration. Once you create the cure, a fight is awaiting you.
  • You can talk to Alestia Iallis but there is no way to prevent this fight. Alestia is not alone, she's accompanied by two Geth Troopers and an Asari Commando. Take cover and focus on Alestia Iallis, because she is the biggest threat. Then on the Asari Commando and finally, the Geth.
  • Once they are defeated, head out and Han Olar will tell you that they came from the maintenance area. Head back to the elevator and go meet with Dr. Zev Cohen to hand over the cure to obtain a pass to the maintenance areas. You can obtain from him some medi-gel (You need 4 Charm or 8 Intimidate to do so). You can talk to Captain Ventralis to tell him about Alestia Iallis. Before leaving, visit Petozi if you need to trade, because it will be your last chance to do so.


How to unlock Noveria: Quarantine

  • To obtain Noveria: Quarantine you need to speak to Dr. Zev Cohen at the Rift Station's Medical Bay regarding the sick scientists. Keep in mind that if you decide to turn the guards hostile, this Mission can not be acquired nor completed. Dr. Cohen will either disappear or refuse to talk to you. If Noveria: Quarantine is already underway, it will remain open in your journal


Noveria: Quarantine Rewards

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Enemies found on Noveria: Quarantine


Noveria: Quarantine Notes & Tips

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